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Cmedia’s CM6502B is a highly-integrated USB audio single chip optimized for consumer headset solutions. This document is a user guide for CM6502B evaluation boards (EVB) that describes the board’s functions, I/O jacks, LEDs, controls and additional user notes.

CM6502B supports standard HID compliant volume control pins and playback control pins. CM6502B also offers playback operation and playback/record/mute LED indicators in order to let the users know the current status.

All necessary analog and digital modules are embedded in CM6502B, including stereo DAC, headphone driver, stereo ADC, microphone pre-amp booster, PLL, regulator, and USB transceiver. Moreover, CM6502B integrates 5-band hardware equalizer (EQ) with four (4) default preset modes (default/flat, communication, gaming, and movie). The EQ preset gain parameters can also be customized for compensating the headphone SPL performance or to be complaint with TIA-920 standards.

In addition, embedded Mic Auto-Gain-Control (AGC) function can adjust input gain automatically to avoid large signal clipping or too small input signal level for a stable voice communication recording quality. Optional clipping detection LED also alerts the users when a near-to-excess large input signal is detected. With versatile CM6502B-based headsets, users will get better sound experience on PC.

Cmedia’s CM7001N is a highly-integrated, dual-microphone voice processor for mobile communication solutions. CM7001N is an enhanced and versatile voice and audio processor SoC, which is powered by Cmedia Xear™ sound technologies. For voice communication applications, CM7001N provides Xear™ VoClear close-talk environmental noise cancellation (ENC), far-talk smart voice capture (SVC), Voice Brilliant (HD Voice), AEC, Long Distance Recording (LDR), and Magic Voice for uplink voice sending; it also features Smart Receiver, Noise Reduction, and Voice Brilliant for downlink voice receiving. It could attend to most communication and voice recognition demands on mobile phones, tablets, headsets, speakerphones, Smart TV’s webcam or the remotes, etc. For audio playback applications, CM7001N provides advanced Xear™ Surround Headphone, Sound Expander, and Sonic technologies, which could dramatically enhance the audio experience of mobile phones, tablets, headsets, docking stations and boom boxes. CM7001N is a small scale in terms of its size but it is a powerful voice and audio engine for various applications.Cmedia CM7001N_ENC_DEMOKIT_001.jpg

CM7001N AEC block diagram description:

1. CM6502B provides clock, 24MHz to CM7001N.
2. Select Mic In to CM7001N for ENC process or jump to CM6502B.
3. Button key for the CM6502B playback, volume up, volume down and Mic mute setting.
4. CM6502B provides the EQ select function.
5. CM6502B provides the headphone out.
6. There are two EEPROMs, one for CM7001N and the other for CM6502B. The function of EEPROM is for parameters or customized firmware.
7. CM6502B via I2C interface check and modify the CM7001N parameter.

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Cmedia CM7001N-ENC-DEMOKIT-000 User Manual

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