Stepper motor control with closed loop and EtherCAT

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TMCM-1310 V1.2

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TMCM-1310 is a fully closed loop Stepper control unit with EtherCAT® real time bus control for Stepper motors with incremental a/b/n or SSI absolute Encoders.
With its real time EtherCAT® bus interface it perfectly fits all applications, that require high relieability and high dynamics.
To simplify the parameterization in addition to the field bus interfaces USB is available full access.
A graphical parameterization tool for quick and easy parameterization of all closed and open loop functions is available for download free of charge.
TMCM-1310 controlls one bipolar stepper Motor with up to 3.0A RMS coil current and supply voltages up to +52.5V. With incremental a/b/n encoders or absolute SSI encoders it supports a highly efficient and reliable closed Loop current and position control.


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Up to 256 microsteps per full step
High-efficient operation, low power dissipation
Dynamic current control
Integrated protection: overtemperature and undervoltage
stallGuard2 feature for stall detection (for open loop operation)
Encoder input for incremental a/b/n
USB 2.0 full-speed (12Mbit/s) communication interface (mini-USB connector)
Dedicated STOP_L / STOP_R inputs
Up to 8 multi-purpose inputs (+24V compatible, incl. 2 dedicated analog inputs)
Up to 8 multi-purpose outputs (open-drain, incl. 2 outputs for currents up to 1A)


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