Eval Board for AG311 Qi Wireless Power Module

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The EVALAg311 evaluation board should be powered using a DC Power supply delivering between +18.5V to +19.5V. The positive supply should be connected to either the center pin of J2 or pin 1 & 2 of J1 and 0V to either the outer ring of J5 or pin 5 & 6 of J1.

4.1 Operation

The EVALAg311 polls for a Power receiver placed on the power transfer Primary coil L1, at intervals of 500ms. When an EVALAg301 or Qi compatible receiving device has been placed on the coil, The EVALAg311 will negotiate with the receiver and establish a wireless power transfer contract. When this happens D2 will be illuminated and D1 will remain not illuminated.

When a new power transfer contract is established a 500ms beep will be produced by BUZ to audibly indicate it has correctly connected.

In case of an Error D1 will be illuminated and D2 will not be illuminated. These errors include:
• Non compatible receiver / metal object placed on primary coil
• Non recoverable Communications error
• Receiver over loaded
• Receiver regulation error

When the power receiver indicates a non-error related end of power transfer, such as battery fully charged, both D1 & D2 will be illuminated.

If pin 2 of J3 is pulled low (or shorted to pin 1 of J3) power transmission will be halted and disabled indicating an error with D1 illuminated and D3 will not be illuminated. When this pull down or short circuit is removed the Ag311 will return to normal operation.

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