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CM7001 is an enhanced and a versatile voice and audio processor system-on-chip (SoC) that is empowered by Cmedia Xear™ sound technologies. For voice communication applications, CM7001 provides Xear™ VoClear close-talk Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC), far-talk Smart Voice Capture (SVC), Voice Brilliant (HD Voice), AEC, Long Distance Recording (LDR), and Magic Voice for uplink voice sending. It also features Smart Receiver, Noise Reduction, and Voice Brilliant for downlink voice receiving. It could fulfill most communication and voice recognition demands on smartphones, tablets, headsets, speakerphones, smart TV webcam or remote, and a whole lot more. For audio playback applications, CM7001 provides advanced Xear™ Surround Headphone, Sound Expander, and Sonic technologies that dramatically enhances the audio experience of smartphones, tablets, headsets, docking stations and boom boxes. CM7001 is a tiny but powerful voice and audio engine for various applications.

CM7001 is powered by a 32-bit DSP computing core with multiple operation clock and power management options. It integrates all necessary ADC / DAC / Digital Mic / I2S / I2C / PLL / Regulator flexible function blocks and I/O interfaces for easy integration in existing smartphone and embedded platforms.

Figure 5.1 shows an internal block diagram of the CM7001 voice processor. Featuring a neat design, it makes an ideal voice capturing and noise canceling pre-processor capable of fitting into the microphone input path or digital I2S input path of any type of communication device. As an added benefit, traditional and original microphone input circuitry and components do not need to be changed much.

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• Smartphones
• Mobile featured phones
• DECT/PSTN/VoIP phones
• Bluetooth headsets
• USB headsets/handsets
• Battery-powered headset/wireless headsets
• Speakerphone
• Array mic
• Docking with sound effect

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized Cmedia distributor.


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Worlds top performing Xear VoClear close-talk ENC and far-talk SVC wideband noise cancellation technologies optimized for voice recognition; Up to 99% (40dB) noise cancellation
Smart Receiver and Noise Reduction improve receiving voice intelligibility
Voice Brilliant delivers wideband HD voice experience
Optimized AEC double-talk performance and far-field Long Distance Recording (LDR) for speakerphones
Magic Voice transforms voice tones for disguise and/or for fun
Advanced Xear sound technologies and Parametric EQ refresh users audio experience to both headphones and speakers
Powerful 32-bit DSP Core with selectable clock speeds
Analog/Digital microphone I/O interface
2-channel I2S I/O interface
I2C control interface for configuration commands and upgradable F/W
Two simple Mode_Selector control pins
Power-Down/Suspend modes for power management
30-pin WLCSP (CM7001) / QFN-32 (CM7001N) small footprint packages and pin-compatible with CM7000


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Cmedia CM7001 Application Note
Cmedia CM7001 Datasheet

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