2ch HD Audio Codec (low power, full combo jack, 6x6 package)

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The ALC269 is a High Definition Audio Codec that integrates a 2+2-channel DAC, a 4-channel ADC, and a Class D Speaker Amplifier.

The 2+2-channel DAC supports two independent stereo sound outputs simultaneously. The 4-channel ADC integrates two stereo and independent analog sound inputs (multiple streaming).

The ALC269 incorporates Realtek converter technology to achieve a 98dB dynamic range playback quality and a 98dB dynamic range recording quality. It meets the current WLP3.10 (Windows Logo Program) and future WLP requirements that become effective from 01 June 2008.

The ALC269 also supports stereo digital microphone channels (microphone array) with Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Beam Forming (BF), and Noise Suppression (NS) technology simultaneously, significantly improving voice quality for PC VoIP applications.

As well as basic audio functions, the ALC269 has two independent SPDIF outputs; one could be used to connect a PC to high-quality consumer electronic products such as digital decoders and speakers, the other could provide a dedicated digital output to a HDMI transmitter (common in high end PCs).

There are three integrated power amplifiers. The first is a linear headphone amplifier at port C. The second headphone amplifier at port A removes the need for external DC blocking capacitors, eliminating pop noise caused by these capacitors. The third is an integrated stereo Class D amplifier to directly drive a mini-speaker. The Class D amplifier is designed to drive speakers with as low as 4? impedance. Its maximum output power is 2.3W per channel at 5V power supply. The advantage of an integrated Class D amplifier in the ALC269 is high efficiency with low power consumption.

The ALC269 integrates five hardware equalizer bands composed of one low-pass filter, one high-pass filter, and three band-pass filters to compensate for mini-speaker frequency response. All the equalizer filters are programmable via the BIOS, allowing the equalizer to function without the need to customize the audio driver.

The ALC269 conforms to Intel's Audio Codec low power state white paper and is ECR compliant.


• Windows Vista premium desktop and laptop PCs
• Information appliances (IA) with High Definition Audio Controller

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized Realtek distributor.


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98dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighting) for DAC output
98dB Signal-to-Noise Ration (A-weighting) for ADC input
Meets WLP (Windows Logo Program) 3.10 and future WLP requirements that become effective from 01 June 2008
2+2-channel DAC supports 16/20/24-bit PCM format for independent two stereo channel audio playback
4-channel ADC supports 16/20/24-bit PCM format for independent two stereo channel audio inputs
All DACs supports 44.1/48/96/192kHz sample rate
All ADCs support 44.1/48/96kHz sample rate
SPDIF-OUT support 16/20/24-bit format and 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/192kHz rate
Supports MONO line level output
Supports external PCBEEP input and built-in digital BEEP generator
Software selectable 2.5V/3.2V/4.2V VREFOUT as bias voltage for analog microphone input
Two jack detection pins each designed to detect up to 4 jacks
1dB resolution of input and output volume control
Programmable +10/+20/+30dB boost gain for analog microphone input
Built-in headphone amplifiers for port-A and port-C.
2 GPIOs are supported for customized applications (pin shared with digital microphone interface)
EAPD (External Amplifier Power Down) is supported (pin shared with secondary SPDIF-OUT)
Supports Anti-pop mode when analog power AVDD is on and digital power is off
Power support: 3.3V digital core power; 1.5V~3.3V digital IO power for HDA link; 3.3V~5.0V analog power; 3.3V~5.0V power stage voltage
Enhanced power management features
Secondary SPDIF-OUT supports 16/20/24-bit format and 32k/44.1k/48k/88.2k/96k/192kHz rate
Supports stereo digital microphone input
Programmable boost gain and volume control for digital microphone input
Headphone amplifier for port-A does not require DC blocking capacitors
Stereo Bridge-Tied Load Class-D amplifier at port-D has 2Watt (rms)/4O per channel output
Short circuit and thermal overload protection for Class D amplifier
Supports digital PWM output at port-D which system integrator can easily connect the output to external power amplifier receives digital audio stream
Five band hardware equalizer designed for BTL output (port-D) to compensate for frequency response while driving the mini-speaker
Intel low power ECR compliant: supports power status control, jack detection, and wake-up event in D3 mode
48-pin QFN Green package

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