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The Bluegiga BLE Development Kit provides the proper environment for developing and prototyping Bluetooth Smart applications. The kit contains a ready-to-use hardware platform and a Bluetooth Smart Software Development Kit including all the neccessary documentation and PC tools.


Bluegiga's Jeff Rowberg wrote an excellent DKBLE guide. Click here to download.


The DKBLE development kit supports the development of all Bluegiga BLE modules.



DKBLE Development Kit Contents

The DKBLE evaluation board contains:

  • Documentation
  • USB cable
  • BLED112 USB dongle
  • BLE121LR, BLE113-A, BLE113-A-M256K and BLE112 carrier boards
  • External SPI flash board (for OTA)
  • Debug interface + on-board CC debugger
  • TPS62730 DC/DC converter
  • CR2032 battery holder
  • IO headers
  • Potentimeter
  • Altimeter
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Display (SPI)
  • 3 software programmable buttons
  • UART-to-USB converter

Bluegiga's Bluetooth Smart Software includes:

  • Application notes
  • iOS and Android example application
  • BGScript and BGAPI example applications
  • BGScript compiler 
  • BGLib host library, which implements BGAPI protocol (ANSI C)
  • BGAPI and BGScript documentation
The Bluetooth Smart SDK contains:
  • Profile Toolkit for Bluetooth low energy profile development
  • BGScript scripting language for standalone applications
  • BGAPI binary protocol for applications with separate host (MCU)
  • A full Bluetooth Smart stack with L2CAP, ATT, GATT, and Security Manager

There are multiple ways of putting these parts together with (or without) a host PC, but there is a typical "first test" arrangement which will have you communicating over BLE in no time.

Here is the short summary of the typical "first test" arrangement:

  • BLED112 plugged into a host PC running Windows, operating as a BLE master/central device
  • DKBLE connected to USB for power/debugging, operating as a BLE slave/peripheral device

It is also possible to use any BLE-capable smartphone or tablet instead of (or in addition to) the BLED112. Common BLE-capable devices are the iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3 or newer, iPad mini, Android smartphone running Android 4.3 or later, or Windows 8 RT tablet.

Bluegiga's Jeff Rowberg put together this visual representation of how all of the components in the development kit work together in this use case. To see the full post, download the guide - click here.


Bluegiga is now part of Silicon Labs.



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Carrier board connector to allow easy connection of all four full-stack BLE modules
GPIO pin access via the row of loop connectors and header pin holes on the right side of the board
Built-in CC debugger for easy reprogramming of modules without external devices
External debug target header for programming custom designs with the on-board debugger
Micro USB connectors for power and CC debugger, UART connectivity, and USB connectivity (only BLE112 provides USB)
Built-in Prolific PL2303HX USB-to-UART bridge for serial connectivity wired to BLE module's USART1/Alt1 port (UART mode)
Coin cell battery holder for CR2032 batteries
Built-in TPS62730 DC/DC converter with "enable" control wired to module's P1_7 pin
Current consumption test points (BNC connector with voltage amplifier, and three jumpers near the BNC for pure DC current measurement)
Three generic buttons wired to module's P0_0, P0_1, and P2_0, pins through 510-ohm resistors
Potentiometer wired to module's P0_6 pin
Accelerometer (Murata CMA3000-D01) wired to the module's USART0/Alt2 port (SPI master mode)
LCD (Newhaven NHD-C0216CZ-FSW-FBW-3V3) wired to module's USART0/Alt2 port (SPI master mode)
2Mbit SPI flash chip (Winbond W25X20CLSNIG) wired to module's USART0/Alt2 port (SPI master mode)
I2C altimeter (Freescale MPL3115A2) wired to module's I2C pins (or P1_6/P1_7 for BLE112)


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