R-Series APU Bald Eagle RX-427BB, 2.7GHz 4C 8 CU GPU / 35W

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The 2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series APU (previously codenamed: “Bald Eagle”) boosts processing performance, power efficiency, and multimedia immersion by leveraging Heterogeneous System Architecture.

The 2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series accelerated processing unit (APU) delivers breakthrough graphics performance and power efficiency for a new generation of embedded systems designed to provide ultra-immersive HD multimedia experiences and parallel processing compute performance. Harnessing the processing power of AMD’s “Steamroller” CPU core and a new graphics core based on the AMD Radeon™ HD 9000 platform, the AMD R-Series APU offers next-generation performance-perwatt compute efficiency in the x86 product category by allowing system designers to take advantage of Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA).

The high-performance CPU and GPU cores within the 2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series APU can be allocated to the best suited compute tasks by utilizing HSA. As noted below, this enables outstanding system performance and multimedia interactivity, superior battery life, and small, sleek system form factors for a wide range of graphics and compute-intensive embedded applications including embedded gaming, digital signage, medical imaging, and more.

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Available in dual-core and quad-core Steamroller CPU configurations with up to 4 MBytes of shared L2 cache.
Includes support for DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.2, and AMDs Mantle for the latest game development advancements. Offers dual-channel DDR3 support and error-correction code (ECC) memory support for high integrity applications.
Features a new audio coprocessor that enables low-latency audio signal processing for crisper sound and audio effects.
Enables hardware accelerated video encode and decode using Unified Video Decode (UVD) 4.2 and Video Compression Engine (VCE) 2.0.


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