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The SM502 is a Mobile Multimedia Companion Chip (MMCC™) device packaged in a 297-pin Ball Grid Array and is backward-compatible with the SM501. Designed to comply with needs of the embedded sector, the SM502 has video and 2D capabilities. To decrease system costs, the SM502 supports a diverse array of I/Os, including analog RGB and digital LCD Panel interfaces, an 8-bit parallel interface, USB, UART, IrDA, two Zoom Video (ZV) interfaces, AC97 or I-S, SSP, PWM, and I-C. The additional GPIO bits that can be utilized to interface with external devices.

The 2D engine has front-end color space conversion with 4:1 and 1:8 scaling support. The video engine supports two different video outputs (Dual Monitor) at 8, 16, or 32-bit per pixel and a 3-color hardware cursor per video output. The LCD Panel video pipe supports back-end YUV color space conversion with 4:1 and 1:212 scaling. A ZV port is also included as an interface for external circuitry for MPEG decoding or TV input.


• Thin client
• Medical patient monitors
• Embedded product monitors
• Military PDA
• Education machine
• Surveillance
• Signage

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: is an authorized Silicon Motion distributor.


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PCI/32bit host bus support for the processor interface (SH-4, Power PC, Xscale, MIPS, ARM)
200 MHz DAC support 12801024 resolution
Supports 18/24-bit TFT panel and 8/12-bit CSTN panel
128-bit 2D graphic engine
0/8MB embedded SDRAM
Supports seven layers of display frames (2 hardware cursors, primary graphics, video, video alpha, alpha, and secondary graphics)
Supports two 8-bit ports or one 16-bit port/ITU601 ZV capture port
USB1.1 host and slave, UART/IrDA, I2C
2 DMA controllers support
8051 u-controller embedded
Power consumption < 500mW


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VoyagerGF 0MB Pb Free
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VoyagerGF 0MB Pb Free