802.11b/ g/ n  Wi-Fi Adapter Board w/ PMOD/Renesas App Header to interface w/ MCU via UART/SPI

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The GainSpan WAB-GW-GS201 Wi-Fi Adapter Board (WAB) is a GS2011MIZ Wi-Fi module based hardware adapter board that can be interfaced to a microcontroller (MCU) development board to enable Wi-Fi connectivity in MCU based applications. It provides the means to evaluate the capabilities of GainSpan’s lowpower GS2011MIZ Wi-Fi modules and Serial-to-Wi-Fi embedded software, and develop software for MCU host-based Wi-Fi enabled devices.
The WAB supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n protocols and includes a GainSpan GS2011MIZ soldered down module. It communicates with the MCU over the SPI or UART interface. It is designed to plug into various MCU development platforms such as RL78, RX62/RX63, RX100/200/600, SuperH and others, using the PMOD and Application Header interface. The boards have built-in external flash for reliable over the air firmware upgrade, factory restore configuration as well as data storage for web pages.
The WAB comes with pre-loaded Serial-to-Wi-Fi application firmware that supports complete Wi-Fi and networking stacks, Wi-Fi and application layer security, Wi-Fi and IP network configuration web pages, as well as the Limited AP capability for ease of provisioning. The Serial-to-Wi-Fi embedded software allows devices and appliances manufacturers to easily add Wi-Fi capabilities to their products with minor impact on the host microcontroller firmware. Small-footprint drivers and reference code are available for a variety of MCUs.


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Highly integrated, ultra-low power
802.11b/g/n GS2011MIZ Wi-Fi modules
- PMOD and Application header interfaces to
plug into MCU development platforms
- Multiple serial ports
- UART: up to 921 Kbps
- SPI: up to 30MHz (master mode)
10MHz (slave mode)
- Programmed with Serial-to-WiFi software
- Full Wi-Fi and networking stack - WiFi
security (WEP, WPA/2), WPS,
- Complete set of AT commands to
communicate with the host MCU
- Push buttons for Factory Restore and Reset
- Jumpers for serial interface selection and
power measurement