Evaluation Board for TMC4210 and TMC2660

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The evaluation board TMC4210+TMC2660-EVAL provides an excellent, simple and cost efficient device to explore the latest generation of TRINAMIC stepper motor chipsets. The board contains the single-axis motion controller TMC4210 and the integrated high current stepper driver IC TMC2660.

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized Trinamic distributor.


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TMC4210 Motion Controller
- 1-Axis stepper motor controller
- Serial 4-wire interface to C with easy-to-use protocol
- Step/Direction interface to driver
- Clock frequency: up to 32 MHz (can use CPU clock)
- Internal position counters 24 bit wide
- Microstep frequency up to 1 MHz
- Read-out option for all motion parameters
- Ramp generator for autonomous positioning / speed control
- On-the-fly change of target motion parameters
TMC2660 Motor Driver
- up to 256 times microstepping per full step via Step/Dir
- integrated power transistors for up to 2.8A RMS / 4A peak
- Protection & Diagnostics overcurrent, short to GND, overtemperature & undervoltage
- stallGuard2 high precision sensorless motor load detection
- coolStep load dependent current control for energy savings up to 75%
- microPlyer microstep interpolation for increased smoothness with coarse step inputs.
- spreadCycle high-precision chopper for best current sine wave form and zero crossing
Electrical Data
- Supply voltage: +10 +29V DC operating voltage
- Maximum motor current: 2.8A RMS (4A peak)
- USB (type B)
- RS232 (TTL level)
- RS485
- SPI interface for external microcontroller
- Home switch and stop switches
Safety Features
- Overcurrent detection
- Short to GND detection
- Undervoltage protection
- Integrated diagnostics
- PC demonstration software allowing access to all registers

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