E8860, ATI Radeon E8860 GPU

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The manufacturer has discontinued this product, and a replacement part has been offered instead. It is recommended that new designs use 100-CG2803 instead. Click here to view replacement part.

The latest evolution in AMD Radeon™ embedded GPUs leverages advanced Graphics Core Next architecture, delivering breakthrough performance and power efficiency gains.

The AMD Radeon™ E8860 Embedded discrete GPU – the first embedded GPU developed on the groundbreaking Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture – pushes AMD Radeon graphics and parallel processing performance to unprecedented new heights while increasing power efficiency.

Providing 2x higher 3D graphics performance and 33% higher single-precision floating point performance than the AMD Radeon E6760 GPU , the AMD Radeon E8860 GPU delivers industry-leading 3D video graphics performance, enabling stunning, multi-display visual experiences for a range of embedded applications spanning digital gaming, digital signage, medical imaging, and avionics.


The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU supports DirectX® 11.1, OpenGL 4.2, and OpenCL™ 1.2, enabling high-performance graphics and massive parallel processing. The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU delivers 92% higher 3D graphics performance per watt than the AMD Radeon E6760 GPU , and up to 22% higher 3D graphics performance and up to 61% higher performance per watt than power-comparable NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. Supporting thermal design power of 37 watts, the AMD Radeon E8860 GPU provides the optimal performance-per-watt profile for embedded applications that require outstanding multi-display experiences, superior visual quality, and massive parallel compute but have exacting power efficiency and heat dissipation requirements. Low thermals help enable superior system cooling flexibility that helps developers conserve valuable board space and increase system ruggedization for harsh environments.


The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU provides multi-display flexibility, supporting up to five 3840x2160 @30Hz displays simultaneously in clone mode and extended desktop in static screen. Competitive NVIDIA GPUs can only support up to four independent displays.

The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU supporting AMD Eyefinity technology can expand a high-resolution picture across multiple displays. In addition, one display of 4096x2160 @60Hz over one HDMI™ or DP1.2 interface can be supported, providing a superior viewing experience. This flexible, one-to-many system-to-display configuration capability enables ultra-immersive visual experiences via a single small form factor system.


The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU was designed to increase multimedia processing performance and power efficiency for a range of embedded applications, including:

Digital gaming. Supporting rich 3D and 4K video graphics and advanced multi-display capabilities, the AMD Radeon E8860 GPU enables breathtaking gaming experiences and excellent display configuration flexibility for casino, arcade and pachinko/pachislot gaming.

Digital signage. Ultra-high resolution multimedia playback across multiple displays helps capture and hold viewers’ attention like never before, with minimal strain on system power budget and form factor.

Medical imaging. The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU helps facilitate crisp, 360-degree medical image visualization and other advanced graphics-driven capabilities, which can help doctors provide improved care for patients.

Avionics. The high-performance graphics and parallel processing provided by the AMD Radeon E8860 GPU is an excellent choice for graphics-intensive avionics applications such as geographic information systems, 360-degree situational awareness, diminished vision enhancement, and more.

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized AMD distributor.


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The underlying GCN architecture7 enables the AMD Radeon E8860 GPU to efficiently manage workloads and programming languages traditionally handled exclusively by the main processor, and provides image quality-enhancing benefits including partially resident textures, improved anisotropic filtering, and improved DirectX 11 tessellation.
The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU is a multi-chip module (MCM) consisting of GPU and GPU memory integrated on a single substrate, providing compatibility of GPU and memory for the lifetime of product supply. AMD is currently the only provider of such a solution on high-end embedded GPUs.
The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU supports seven-year product longevity8, providing long-lifetime availability and support. The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU features 2GB of GDDR5 frame buffer and delivers up to 80% more memory bandwidth than NVIDIAs sub-50W GeForce GPUs9.
The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU is available in multiple form factors to support a wide range of embedded applications. These include chip-down for custom platform designs and industry-standard MXM, PCIe, and CompactPCIe.
The AMD Radeon E8860 GPU supports AMD PowerPlay technology, AMD ZeroCore power technology10, and AMD Enduro technology, which can enable the GPU to deliver full potential performance while conserving power.


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