TS30069kHz to 300kHz Silicon

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The TS3006 is a single-supply, second-generation oscillator/timer that is fully specified to operate at a supply voltage range of 1.55V to 5.25V while consuming less than 2.4μA(max) supply current. Requiring only a resistor to set the base output frequency (or output period) at 25kHz (or 40μs) with a 50% duty cycle, the TS3006 timer/oscillator is compact, easy-to-use, and versatile.

Optimized for ultra-long life, low-frequency, battery-powered/portable applications, TS3006 joins the TS3001, TS3002, TS3004, and TS3005 in the CMOS timer family of the “NanoWatt Analog™” series of high-performance analog integrated circuits.

The TS3006 requires only an RSET = 4.32MΩ resistor to set the FOUT output period to 40μs(25kHz). The complete circuit is designed at a supply voltage of 5V. The TS3006 is fully specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range and is available in a low-profile, 8-pin 3x3mm TDFN package with an exposed back-side paddle.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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5V Supply Voltage
FOUT Output Period: 40s(25kHz)
o RSET = 4.32MO
Fully Assembled and Tested
2in x 2in 2-layer circuit board


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TS30069kHz to 300kHz Silicon