0.5 and 4.0 Amp ISOdrivers (2.5 and 5 kVRMS)

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The Si823x isolated driver family combines two independent, isolated drivers into a single package. The Si8230/1/3/4 are high-side/low-side drivers, and the Si8232/5/6/7/8 are dual drivers. Versions with peak output currents of 0.5 A (Si8230/1/2/7) and 4.0 A (Si8233/4/5/6/8) are available. All drivers operate with a maximum supply voltage of 24 V.

The Si823x drivers utilize Silicon Labs' proprietary silicon isolation technology, which provides up to 5 kVRMS withstand voltage per UL1577 and fast 60 ns propagation times. Driver outputs can be grounded to the same or separate grounds or connected to a positive or negative voltage. The TTL level compatible inputs with >400 mV hysteresis are available in individual control input (Si8230/2/3/5/6/7/8) or PWM input (Si8231/4) configurations. High integration, low propagation delay, small installed size, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make the Si823x family ideal for a wide range of isolated MOSFET/IGBT gate drive applications.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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Two completely isolated drivers in one package
Up to 5 kVRMS input-to-output isolation
Up to 1500 VDC peak driver-to-driver differential voltage
HS/LS and dual driver versions
Up to 8 MHz switching frequency
0.5 A peak output (Si8230/1/2/7)
4.0 A peak output (Si8233/4/5/6/8)
High electromagnetic immunity

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