Si3019 Voice DAA chipset line-side device

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The Si3050+Si3011/18/19 Voice DAA chipset provides a highly-programmable and globally-compliant foreign exchange office (FXO) analog interface. The solution implements Silicon Laboratories' patented isolation capacitor technology, which eliminates the need for costly isolation transformers, relays, or opto-isolators, while providing superior surge immunity for robust field performance. The Voice DAA is available as a chipset, a system-side device (Si3050) paired with a line-side device (Si3011/18/19). The Si3050 is available in a 20-pin TSSOP or a 24-pin QFN. The Si3011/18/19 is available in a 16-pin TSSOP, a 16-pin SOIC, or a 20-pin QFN and requires minimal external components. The Si3050 interfaces directly to standard telephony PCM interfaces.
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Globally-compliant, enhanced features line-side device—Targets embedded and voice applications with global DAA requirements. Use the Si3019 lineside device for this configuration. The Si3019 contains all the features available on the Si3018, plus the following additional features/enhancements: 
  • Sixteen selectable ac terminations to increase return loss and trans-hybrid loss performance. 
  • Higher transmit and receive level mode. 
  • Selectable 200 Hz low frequency pole. 
  • –16 to 13.5 dB digital gain/attenuation adjustment in 0.1 dB increments for the transmit and receive paths.
  • Programmable line current/voltage threshold interrupt. 

diagram 2

Globally-compliant, low-speed only line-side device—Targets embedded 2400 bps soft modem applications. Use the Si3010 line-side device for this configuration. The Si3010 contains all the features available on the Si3018, except the transmit and receive paths are optimized and tested only for modem connect rates up to 2400 bps.


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Silicon Labs Si3019-F-FMR Datasheet

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