Silicon Labs Evaluation board for Si2178/38

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The Si2178/58/48/38/28 is Silicon Labs' fourth-generation hybrid TV tuner family supporting all worldwide terrestrial and cable TV standards. Requiring no external balun, SAW filters, wirewound inductors or LNAs, the Si21x8 offers the lowest-cost BOM for analog, digital and hybrid TV tuners, with or without a demodulator. Also included are an integrated power-on reset circuit and an option for single power supply operation.

The Si2178 integrates a PAL/SECAM/NTSC analog TV demodulator with a universal hybrid TV tuner supporting all worldwide digital and analog TV standards. The Si2178 requires no external balun and offers the lowest-cost BOM for a hybrid TV tuner with analog demodulator. By combining Silicon Labs' proven digital low-IF architecture with a 4th-generation RF front-end, the Si2178 maintains the highest performance that exceeds MOPLL-based tuners, including industry-leading 2nd-order distortion performance.



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