CPLD MachXO2 Family 1.2V 132-Pin CSBGA Tray

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Lattice Semiconductor MachXO2 PLDs

Lattice Semiconductor's MachXO2 family consist of six ultra low power, instant-on, non-volatile PLDs that offer densities ranging from 256 to 6864 Look-Up Tables (LUTs). In addition, the MachXO2 family of PLDs from Lattice Semiconductor offer several features such as Embedded Block RAM (EBR), Distributed RAM, and User Flash Memory (UFM), which allow these devices to be used in low cost, high volume consumer and system applications. The MachXO2 devices are designed on a 65nm non-volatile low power process and are available in two versions - ultra low power (ZE) and high performance (HC and HE). MachXO2s are also available in a broad range of advanced halogen-free packages and offer enhanced I/O features such as drive strength control, slew rate control, PCI compatibility, bus-keeper latches, and pull-up resistors. The MachXO2 also provides flexible, reliable and secure configuration from on-chip Flash memory. 
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Lattice has expanded its offering of MachXO2 PLDs with the MachXO2-4000 series of PLDs.  View the MachX02-4000 PLDs



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MachXO2 FPGA: LCMXO2-1200ZE-2MG132C
4-character 7-segment LCD display
4 capacitive touch sense buttons
1Mbit SPI Flash
I2C temperature sensor
Power measurement via delta sigma analog-to-digital conversion in the MachXO2 device
Expansion header for JTAG, SPI and I2C


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CPLD MachXO2 Family 1.2V 132-Pin CSBGA Tray
Part #: LCMXO2-1200ZE-2MG132C
CPLD MachXO2 Family 1.2V 132-Pin CSBGA Tray