RF Digital Simblee 29-Pin Breakout Board

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Product Information

The RF Digital Simblee RFD77203 is a 29-pin breakout board which allows quick development of the Simblee products by allowing easy access to all 29 GPIO's of the Simblee module.
Simblee - Simpe BLE - Connecting Everyone and Everything
WIth the RF Digital Simblee product you can easily create iOS and Android apps without using xCode or the Android SDK.Hardware code and mobile app are both on the same page of code. Now with Simblee, creating phone and tablet apps is as easy as blinking an LED.

Simblee makes creating phone and tablet apps is as easy as blinking an LED. The mobile application resides on the Simblee device, not on the phone; no app downloads are needed. Simblee is programmed using Arduino Sketch code, but expands upon the Sketch format used by the RFduino modules by including interface logic for the mobile application, meaning the hardware code and mobile app both appear on the same page of code. Instead of requiring users to interact with multiple individually branded applications, Simblee provides an interface and a connection to the Web, creating an experience more akin to visiting a website that interacts with real-world objects.
"There's a level of depth in this. It's sort of like seeing internet for the first time." 
Rafe Husain - Former Sr. Principal Engineer - Broadcom
"Device functionality, app functionality and web interaction functionality all in one session.. a true internet of things product!"
Bruce Cannon - Former Lead Innovation Architect - Mattel
"The simple and easy way to use this beautiful product, it is the future!"
Billie Whitehouse - Co-Founder - Wearable Experiments


Bluetooth Smart
Simblee interference immunity
3ms latency
10us accuracy (jitter)
Physical range adjustable from a few inches to hundreds of feet
Build iPhone and Android apps without Xcode or the Android SDK
FCC, IC, CE, TELEC compliance approved
Built in AE encryption engine
29 GPIOs (flexible pin configuration)
<3uA ULP with clock running run for years on a coin cell
600 nA ULP sleep mode
ARM Cortex M0 processor
8mA TX @ 0dBm
12mA TX @ +4dBm
10mA RX
Flash code space available for user applications
OTA programming with hardware
OTA disable
Internal Antenna


RFD77203 Datasheet
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