RF Digital Simblee RFD77803 development kit.

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Product Information

The RF Digital Simblee RFD77803 development kit is a flexable development kit which contains 16 shields from the Simblee family to provide whick prototypes and a easy to use solution.



Simblee - Simple BLE - Connecting Everyone and Everything
It’s BLE, it’s small, it’s low cost, and it has very low latency which means it connects to devices much faster than traditional BLE.
With the RF Digital Simblee, you can easily create iOS and Android apps without using xCode or the Android SDK.Hardware code and mobile app are both on the same page of code. Now with Simblee, creating phone and tablet apps is as easy as blinking an LED.




1x RFD77201 Simblee RFduino Adapter
2x RFD77203 Simblee 29 GPIO Breakout
2x RFD22121 USB Programming Shield
3x RFD22122 RGB LED/Button Shield
1x RFD22123 Servo Shield
1x RFD22124 PCB USB Programming Shield
1x RFD22125 Prototyping Shield
1x RFD22126 2xAAA Battery Shield
1x RFD22127 1xAAA Battery Shield
1x RFD22128 CR2032 Battery Shield
1x RFD22130 microSD Shield
1x RFD22131 Duel Relay Shield


RFD77803 Datasheet
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