RF Digital Simblee RFD77801 Starter Kit

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Product Information

The RF Digital Simblee RFD77801 is the starter kit which provides a quick environment to evaluate the functionality of the RF Digital products.

Simblee - Simple BLE - Connecting Everyone and Everything
It’s BLE, it’s small, it’s low cost, and it has very low latency which means it connects to devices much faster than traditional BLE.
With the RF Digital Simblee, you can easily create iOS and Android apps without using xCode or the Android SDK.Hardware code and mobile app are both on the same page of code. Now with Simblee, creating phone and tablet apps is as easy as blinking an LED.


Bluetooth Smart Stack built-in
Fully encapsulated and hermetically sealed
Long range
Simblee interference immunity
3ms latency
10us accuracy (jitter)
Physical range adjustable from a few inches to hundreds of feet
Build iPhone and Android apps without Xcode or the Android SDK
Built in AES encryption engine
7mm x 10mm x 2.2mm
29 GPIOs (flexible pin configuration)
<4uA ULP with clock running (run for years on a coin cell)
600nA ULP Sleep mode
8mA TX @ 0dBm, 12mA TX @ +4dBm
10mA RX
-93dBm receiver sensitivity
-55dBm to +4dBm TX power
ARM Cortex M0 processor
Flash code space available for user application (no need for external
6x ADC inputs, 4x PWM outputs, 2x SPI master/slave, 2x I2C, 1 x UART
Temperature sensor
Battery/Supply voltage monitoring
Onchip UART bootloader
OTA programming (optional)
Operating Voltage: 1.8 3.6V
Integrated 16 MHz crystal and 32KHz precision crystal
Integrated antenna
Integrated shield
CE, ETSI, IC, FCC Approved
Easy to pick and place
Patents Pending


RF Digital RFD77801 Datasheet
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