Wizard Gecko WGM110 Wi-Fi Module Wireless Starter Kit

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The WGM110 is an all-inclusive Wi-Fi module targeted for applications where good RF performance, low power consumption and easy application development together with fast time to market are key requirements

• Best-in-class size with high RF performance for long range
• Rapid Time to Market with all inclusive stack, antenna, certifications
• Reliable, secure and flexible protocol stack
• BGScript™ allows standalone design option
• Worldwide application engineering support

The WGM110 integrates all of the necessary elements required for an IoT Wi-Fi application including a 802.11b/g/n radio, integrated antenna, certifications, a microcontroller, Wi-Fi and IP stacks, an HTTP server and multiple protocols such as TCP and UDP. WGM110 can act as a Wi-Fi client or be used as a Wi-Fi access point, making the provisioning of the device as easy as surfing on the web. WGM110 can host BGScript end user applications, which means applications can be designed without relying on an external microcontroller. 
Alternatively, the Wi-Fi module can run in Network Co-Processor (NCP) mode, leaving the complexity of TCP/IP networking to the module so that the customer’s own Host controller can be fully dedicated to processing the customer application tasks. The WGM110 module also has highly flexible hardware interfaces allowing connection to different peripherals and sensors. In addition to the Wi-Fi module itself Silicon Labs offers the support to guide and help developers in using WGM110 to build IoT applications, with quick time to market.

The WGM110 module includes full Wi-Fi and IP stacks, an HTTP server and multiple protocols such as TCP and UDP. Key security features include WPA2/WPA Personal and Enterprise support and TLS/SSL for end-to-end encryption. The WGM110 SDK contains all necessary tools for developing and deploying IoT applications for the WGM110 module.

The Wi-Fi module has been designed to allow flexibility in selecting the most suitable design architecture. There are three main architectural options for using the WGM110 module: 
  • Network Co-Processor (NCP) mode in which the module is connected to an external host MCU via the BGLib API
  • Stand-alone mode in which the module is used to run BGScript applications
  • Mixed mode which is a combination of the two above listed modes

Network Co-Processor (NCP) mode

The NCP mode is the choice to use when there is a need to implement a more complicated IoT application and the resources of an external MCU are needed. In the NCP mode the external host MCU is connected to the module using one of the three available host interfaces (UART, SPI or USB). The WGM110 module provides a high-level BGAPI to manage Wi-Fi as well as data connections. Silicon Labs provides a thin API layer (BGLib) written in ANSI C for the host which can take care of creating and parsing the messages sent over the host interface. For evaluation purposes GUI tools are also provided as part of the SDK. 
Data between the WGM110 module and the external host MCU can be routed either through the BGAPI or via another physical interface. For example, a serial-to-TCP/IP solution, if one UART interface is used for sending and receiving BGAPI commands, the second UART can be bound with a TCP/IP socket. Data written to the second UART will be seamlessly passed to the TCP/IP socket.

Stand-alone mode

The stand-alone mode is especially suitable for more lightweight IoT applications, and there is no need for hosting an external MCU controller. This will naturally result in HW BOM cost savings. The WGM110 module is natively running and controlled by a BGScript application.

Mixed mode

The WGM110 module can also be used in a mixed mode, where both the NCP and Stand-alone approaches are used in parallel. In this case the BGScript application on the module can be run completely independent from any MCU action. Normally the approach is to automate certain processes in BGScript (e.g. Wi-Fi network scanning and connection) to relieve the host from doing these.


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