Blue Gecko Wireless Starter Kit w/BGM111 and BGM113 Module

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The Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Module Wireless Starter Kit is an excellent starting point to get familiar with the BGM111 Bluetooth Module. 

The Wireless Starter Kit Mainboard contains sensors and peripherals demonstrating some of the BGM111's many capabilities. The kit provides all necessary tools for developing a Silicon Labs wireless application.
board diagram
The idea behind the SLWSTK6101B is to provide a complete development platform for Silicon Labs' BGM111 Blue Gecko Bluetooth Modules. 
The core of the SLWSTK6101B is the Wireless Starter Kit Mainboard which features an on-board J-Link debugger, a virtual COM port interface, an LCD display and a humidity/temperature sensor and through holes to access all the pins of the Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart Modules. 
The WSTK Mainboard is paired with an Blue Gecko BGM111 Bluetooth® Module Radio Board that plugs directly into the mainboard. The radio board includes the BGM111 with a built-in high performance chip antenna. 
The Wireless Starter Kit is also supplied with an expansion board (BRD8006A Add-on Board) that can be connected to the WSTK mainboard expansion header. The expansion board contains additional peripherals such as an accelerometer, buttons, LEDs, joystick and a footprint for an I2C authentication device.


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Supplied with BGM111 Blue Gecko
Bluetooth Module Radio Board BRD4300A
Supplied with BGM113 Blue Gecko
Bluetooth Module Radio Board BRD4301A
Ethernet and USB connectivity
SEGGER J-Link on-board debugger
Debug Multiplexer supporting external
hardware as well as radio board
Silicon Labs' Si7021 Relative Humidity and
Temperature sensor
Ultra low power 128x128 pixel Memory
LEDs / Push buttons / Reset button
20-pin 2.54 mm header for expansion
Breakout pads for direct access to all radio
I/O pins
Power sources include USB and CR2032
coin cell holder.
Buttons and LEDs
Footprint for I2C Expansion device


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