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The ThunderBoard-React is a cloud-connected, Bluetooth Smart-enabled, sensor-driven platform that enables customers to demo, evaluate, and develop their own unique applications.

It leverages Silicon Labs’ BGM111 Bluetooth Smart module as a wireless system-on-a-chip (SoC) to collect to various sensor data and deliver it to the cloud through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled iOS/Android mobile apps. This document provides an overview of the kit including hardware, software application, cloud platform and mobile app. It also contains instructions and guidelines to evaluate the simplicity of adding Bluetooth to your project to connect to the cloud.

  • Low-cost, Bluetooth Smart solution that collects and delivers data to the cloud
  • Hardware includes BGM111 Bluetooth Smart module linked to sensor inputs
  • ThunderBoard React connects to BLEenabled iOS/Android mobile apps
  • Apps connect to a cloud-based multi-client, real-time synchronization database

ThunderBoard-React is a low-cost, BLE solution that collects and delivers data to the cloud.

The ThunderBoard-React is a great demonstration and evaluation tool to easily add BLE connectivity to a sensor or actuator application. The mobile app seamlessly communicates between the ThunderBoard and the cloud database to visualize sensor data collected or control the LED states on the ThunderBoard-React hardware. Individual components of the ThunderBoard-React can be easily integrated and modified in order to add BLE-to-cloud connectivity for a user’s particular application.

ThunderBoard-React Hardware Diagram

hardware diagram


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Silicon Labs Blue Gecko BGM111 Bluetooth Smart Module
32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 CPU
256 KB Flash
TX power: up to +8 dBm
RX sensitivity down to -93 dBm
Silicon Labs Si7021 relative humidity and temperature sensor
Temperature sensor accuracy: 0.4 oC
Humidity sensor accuracy: 3% RH
I2C interface
Silicon Labs Si1133 ambient light and UV sensor
Ambient light sensor range: 1 to 128 kilo lux
UV index sensor range: 1 to 11
I2C interface
Silicon Labs Si7201 omni-polar, hall-effect sensor
Operating point: 30 Gauss max
Release point: 10 Gauss min
Push-pull output
Invensense MPU-6500 6-axis motion sensor
3-axis accelerometer
3-axis gyroscope
I2C interface
Two momentary buttons (SW-0, SW-1)
Blue and green LEDs (LED-B, LED-G)
10-pin 0.050, 1.27 mm mini-simplicity debug connector
PCB footprint for up to 8Mb external flash device
Break-out pin pads to connect to BGM111 GPIOs
CR2032 coin cell battery slot


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Thunderboard React User's Guide

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