1?A, Precision Bidirectional Current-Sense Amplifier

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TS1109 Bidirectional Current-Sense Amplifier with Buffered Bipolar Output

The TS1109 incorporates a bidirectional current-sense amplifier plus a buffered bipolar output with an adjustable bias. The internal configuration of the TS1109 high-side current-sense amplifier is a variation of the TS1101 bidirectional current-sense amplifier, consuming 0.68 μA(typ) and 1.2 μA(max). The current-sense amplifier’s buffered output consumes only 0.76 μ A(typ) and 1.3 μA(max) of supply current. With an input offset voltage of 150 μV(max) and a gain error of 1%(max), the TS1109 is optimized for high precision current measurements.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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Low Supply Current
Current Sense Amplifier: 0.68 A
IVDD: 0.76 A
High Side Bidirectional Current Sense Amplifier
Wide CSA Input Common Mode Range: +2 V to +27 V
Low CSA Input Offset Voltage: 150 V(max)
Low Gain Error: 1%(max)
Two Gain Options Available:
Gain = 20 V/V : TS1109-20
Gain = 200 V/V : TS1109-200
8-Pin TDFN Packaging (3 mm x 3 mm)

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