Silicon Labs 4A, 2.5 KV PWM Single Input HS

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The Si827x isolators are ideal for driving power switches used in a wide variety of power supply, inverter, and motor control applications. The Si827x isolated gate drivers utilize Silicon Laboratories' proprietary silicon isolation technology, supporting up to 2.5 kVRMS withstand voltage per UL1577 and VDE0884. This technology enables industry leading common-mode transient immunity (CMTI), tight timing specifications, reduced variation with temperature and age, better part-to-part matching, and extremely high reliability. It also offers unique features such as separate pull-up/down outputs, driver shutdown on UVLO fault, and precise dead time programmability. The Si827x series offers longer service life and dramatically higher reliability compared to opto-coupled gate drivers. 
The Si827x drivers utilize Silicon Labs' proprietary silicon isolation technology, which provides up to 2.5 kVRMS withstand voltage per UL1577 and fast 60 ns propagation times. Driver outputs can be grounded to the same or separate grounds or connected to a positive or negative voltage. The TTL level compatible inputs with >400 mV hysteresis are available in individual control input (Si8271/2/3/5) or PWM input (Si8274) configurations. High integration, low propagation delay, small installed size, flexibility, and costeffectiveness make the Si827x family ideal for a wide range of isolated MOSFET/IGBT and SiC or GaN FET gate drive applications.
• Switch-mode Power Supplies 
• Solar Power Inverters 
• Motor control and drives 
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies 
• High-Power Class D Amplifiers



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