DVB-S2X/S2/S/T/C demodulator

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The Si2167D integrates digital demodulators for first and second generation DVB standards (DVB-T/C/S/S2 and S2X) in a single advanced CMOS die. Leveraging Silicon Labs' proven digital demodulation architecture, the Si2167D achieves excellent reception performance for each media while significantly minimizing front-end design complexity, cost, and power dissipation. Connecting the Si2167D to a hybrid TV tuner or digital only tuner, such as Silicon Labs' Si217x/5x/4x devices, results in a high-performance and cost optimized TV or STB front-end solution.

DVB-T and DVB-C demodulators are enhanced versions of proven and broadly used Si2169/68/67/64/62/60 Silicon Labs devices. Furthermore, ITU-T J.83 Annex B is also supported for US and South American cable networks. The IF input supports standard IF (36 MHz) or low-IF.

For DVB-T and DVB-S/DSS, an innovative and advanced FEC decoding scheme is implemented resulting in higher performance. The satellite reception allows demodulating widespread DVB-S, DIRECTV™ (DSS), DVB-S2, DIRECTV™ (AMC) legacy standards, and new Part II of DVB-S2 (S2X) satellite broadcast standard. A zero-IF interface (differential) allows for a seamless connection to market proven satellite silicon tuners. Si2167D embeds DiSEqCTM 2.0 LNB interface for satellite dish control and an equalizer to compensate for echoes in long cable feeds from the antenna to the satellite tuner input.

The Si2167D offers an on-chip blind scan algorithm for DVB-S/S2/S2X and DVB-C standards, as well as a blind lock function. The Si2167D programmable transport stream output interface provides a flexible range of output modes and is fully compatible with all MPEG decoders or conditional access modules to support any customer application.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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Pin-to-pin compatible with all Si216x/8x single demods family
API compatible with all single and dual demods families
DVB-S2 (ETSI EN 302 307-1 V1.4.1)
QPSK/8PSK demodulator
DVB-S2X (ETSI EN302 307-2 V1.1.1)
Broadcast services supported
QPSK/8PSK, 8/16/32APSKdemodulator
Roll-off factors from 0.05 to 0.35
DVB-T (ETSI EN 300 744)
OFDM demodulator and enhanced FEC decoder
NorDig Unified 2.5 and D-Book 8 compliant
DVB-C (ETSI EN 300 429) and ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C
QAM demodulator and FEC decoder
1 to 7.2 MSymbol/s
DVB-S and DSS supported
QPSK demodulator and enhanced FEC decoder
1 to 45 MSymbol/s for all satellite standards (<40 MSps in 32APSK)
LDPC and BCH FEC decoding for DVB-S2/S2X standard
I2C serial bus interfaces (master and host)
Firmware control (embedded ROM/NVM)
Upgradeable with patch download via I2C or fast SPI
Flexible TS output interface (serial, parallel, and slave)
DiSEqCTM 2.0 interface and UnicableTM support for satellite
Fast lock times for all media
Low power consumption
Two power supplies: 1.2 and 3.3 V
7x7 mm, QFN-48 pin package, Pb-free/RoHS compliant

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