Silicon Labs 510DCA100M000BAG

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The Si510/511 XO utilizes Silicon Laboratories' advanced DSPLL technology to provide any frequency from 100 kHz to 250 MHz. Unlike a traditional XO where a different crystal is required for each output frequency, the Si510/511 uses one fixed crystal and Silicon Labs’ proprietary DSPLL synthesizer to generate any frequency across this range. This IC-based approach allows the crystal resonator to provide enhanced reliability, improved mechanical robustness, and excellent stability. In addition, this solution provides superior supply noise rejection, simplifying low jitter clock generation in noisy environments. Crystal ESR and DLD are individually production-tested to guarantee performance and enhance reliability. The Si510/511 is factoryconfigurable for a wide variety of user specifications, including frequency, supply voltage, output format, output enable polarity, and stability. Specific configurations are factory-programmed at time of shipment, eliminating long lead times and non-recurring engineering charges associated with custom frequency oscillators


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Silicon Labs 510DCA100M000BAG
Part #: 510DCA100M000BAG
Silicon Labs 510DCA100M000BAG