HDMI Receiver with Repeater

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The SiI9233 HDMI Receiver can send and receive up to two channels of uncompressed digital audio at 192 kHz. Compressed streams are also supported through either the S/PDIF port or over I2S for DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD. An industry-standard I2S port allows direct connection to low-cost audio DACs at up to 192 kHz. An S/PDIF port supports up to 192 kHz audio. Audio down-sampling allows the SiI9233 receiver to share the audio bus with a high-sample-rate audio DAC while down-sampling audio for an attached display that supports only lower rates.

The SiI9233 receiver provides additional integrated features to help lower system cost and provide enhanced features to the end consumer. The SiI9233 receiver integrates the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) block, which is stored in embedded Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). This memory can be programmed at the time of manufacture using the local I2C bus, similar to how existing EEPROMs are programmed today. On board RAM can also be loaded with EDID data from the system microcontroller during power up or initialization if the NVM is not used. The EDID is reflected on each of the four HDMI ports through the DDC bus. Flexibility is built in to allow mixing different EDID formats in an application. This feature can eliminate up to four EDID ROMs while also saving board space.

The SiI9233 receiver provides a complete, simple solution to enabling Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) in a DTV. CEC is a single-wire bus that transmits remote control commands throughout a home network. The SiI9233 receiver integrates both an HDMI-compliant I/O and Lattice Semiconductor’s CEC API. The CEC I/O meets all HDMI compliance tests and eliminates the need for additional external components, again saving board space and reducing DTV BOM cost. The CEC API manages reception and transmission of all CEC signals according to the CEC protocol and makes the information available to the system microcontroller. This significantly lowers the system-level control by the system microcontroller, simplifying firmware overhead.

The SiI9233 receiver also incorporates a very robust standby power scheme. The standby power plane of the device is isolated from the rest of the device, and can be powered locally from an external +5 V standby power supply input to the device, or from the +5 V signal from one of the four HDMI connectors. This feature results in extremely low power consumption of the device when in standby mode, while both CEC and EDID are fully operational. Additionally, if using the NVM feature to store the EDID, only the +5 V power from the source device is needed to read the EDID, and the display can be completely unplugged from the AC power outlet.

The SiI9233 receiver also comes pre-programmed with HDCP keys. This set of keys simplifies the manufacturing process and lowers costs, while providing the highest level of HDCP key security.

Lattice Semiconductor’s HDMI Receivers use the latest generation of TMDS core technology, supporting dynamic cable equalization that automatically detects the appropriate equalization required for the incoming signal, offering the best support for long cable connections. These TMDS cores pass all HDMI compliance tests.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Lattice (Silicon Image) distributor.


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Digital audio interface supports high-end audio systems
Intelligent audio mute capabilities avoids pops and noise with automatic soft mute and unmute.
Integrated HDCP decryption engine for receiving protected audio and video content
HDCP Repeater support.
Built-in Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)
Integrated EDID in non-volatile memory with optional registers to override EDID for each port.
Flexible power management
20 mm x 20 mm 144-pin TQFP package with ePad.


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Lattice (Silicon Image) Datasheet

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