4 port HDMI 1.3 port processor

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The SiI9187 processor’s five integrated Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) RAMs eliminate external EPROM components, lower BOM costs and simplify board design. Source devices can read EDID when DTVs are in standby mode or when the DTV is unplugged from the wall. EDID data is stored in NVRAM and downloaded into the RAM when a source device is connected to the DTV.
The SiI9187’s integrated CEC eliminates the need for the external microprocessor to manage the low-level protocol. The CEC API simplifies the firmware development of CEC commands. Using power islands, CEC and EDID functions are supported in extremely low power.
All SiI9187 ports support the HDMI 1.3 specification and Deep Color -- the highest quality protected digital video over a single cable -- and 12 bits of video at 1080p/60Hz or 1080i/120Hz resolutions. The SiI9187 port processor also comes pre-programmed with HDCP keys to simplify manufacturing and provide the highest level of HDCP key security.
The SiI9187’s built-in adaptive equalizer provides long cable support, even at Deep Color resolutions. This patented technology enables the SiI9187 to work reliably with noisy signals and multiple sources, making the sink devices highly interoperable.



Industry-Standard Compliance
• HDMI 1.2
• HDCP 1.2
• DVI 1.0
• SDVO 1.2
• EIA/CEA-861B

Digital Video Inputs
• SDVO (200MHz)
• Integrated RGB <—> YCbCr color space conversion
• 4:4:4 <—> 4:2:2 converter

Digital Video Outputs
• Integrated core supporting cables over 10 meters
• HDMI output: - 25-165 MHz - SiI1392CNU
• Supports DTV (480i -1080p) and PC (VGAUXGA) resolutions
• Integrated RGB <—> YCbCr color space conversion
• 4:4:4 <—> 4:2:2 converter

Digital Audio
• Supports 8 channels at 192 kHz (including DVD-Audio) through HD-Audio input
• Supports IEC60958 2-channel PCM or IEC61937 compressed audio (Dolby® Digital, DTS, etc.)
• Industry-standard HD-Audio, S/PDIF inputs

Content Protection
• Integrated HDCP cipher engine
• HDCP repeater function support with on-chip SHA-1 logic for high security
• Pre-programmed HDCP keys
- Simplify manufacturing process
- Most secure solution available
- Lower system, manufacturing costs
• Encrypts both video and audio

System Operation
• Advanced technology for synchronizing video and audio streams without requiring direct communication between graphics and audio drivers
• Optional external microcontroller support for future enhancements
• 64-pin QFN package
• Dual I2C pass-through interfaces for host I2C access of EDID via DDC and configuration EEPROM using SDVO
• Flexible interrupt registers with interrupt pin
• Monitor-detection support through hot plug and receiver detection

Power Management
• Low-power 1.8V core operation
• Low-power standby mode
• Flexible power-down modes

Customers interested in this product must have an HDCP license in order to purchase. 

Your company name must be listed on the following website:   https://digital-cp.com/licensee-list.

If not, we will not be able to fulfill this order.

For more information on how to obtain an HDCP License, please go to the Digital Content Protection website - https://digital-cp.com/ or contact us at 866-506-8829



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Industry Standard Compliance
- HDMI 1.3
- DVI 1.0
- EIA/CEA-861D
- HDCP 1.1
- TMDS Transmitter @ 225MHz
HDMI Inputs
- Four HDMI inputs
- Supports DTV resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz or 720p/1080i @ 120Hz with 36-bit color depth
- Integrated EDID for each HDMI Port and VGA port
- Integrated CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)
System Operation
- Register programmable via slave I2C interface
Content Protection
- Integrated HDCP cipher engine
- Built-in HDCP BIST
- Pre-programmed HDCP keys:
-Simplify manufacturing process
-Provide extremely secure solution
-Lower system, manufacturing costs
- Built in HDCP self-test
Power management
- Low standby power mode with auxillary power mode for CEC and EDID support
- 72-pin 10x10mm QFN
- Pin compatible with Silicon Image's SII9287 port processor


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