JESD204B for ECP5-5G - Single

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JEDEC Standard No. 204B (JESD204B) describes a serialized interface between data converters and logic devices. It contains the information necessary to allow designers to implement logic devices which can communicate with other devices (converters) that are compliant with the standard. Lattice’s JESD204B 3G/5G IP Core offerings support both an Rx core (ADC to FPGA direction) and/or a Tx core (FPGA to DAC direction). The Rx and Tx cores can each be generated separately and with different parameters.

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Subsets of JEDEC Standard No. 204B(JESD204B.01) July 2011
Rx core performs lane alignment based on Subclass 0 and Subclass 1
Rx core performs frame alignment detection / monitoring and octet reconstruction
Rx core performs user-enabled descrambling
Rx core recovers link configuration parameters during initial lane synchronization and compares them to user selected parameters to generate a configuration mismatch error
Tx core performs user-enabled scrambling
Tx core generates initial lane alignment sequence
Tx core performs alignment character generation
Tx core sources link configuration data with user selected parameter values during initial lane synchronization Sequence
16 bit(3G) or 32 bit(5G) fabric interface per channel for low core frequency
One-shot frame/multi-frame boundary flags with one clock ahead of data make users easy to control the transition of the state machines for framer / de-framer


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