PCIe x2 for ECP5-5G- Site Li

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PCI Express is a high performance, fully scalable, well defined standard for a wide variety of computing and communications platforms. It has been defined to provide software compatibility with existing PCI drivers and operating systems. Being a packet based serial technology, PCI Express greatly reduces the number of required pins and simplifies board routing and manufacturing. PCI Express is a point-to-point technology, as opposed to the multi-drop bus in PCI. Each PCI Express device has the advantage of full duplex communication with its link partner to greatly increase overall system bandwidth. The basic data rate for a single lane is double that of the 32 bit/33 MHz PCI bus. A four lane link has eight times the data rate in each direction of a conventional bus.

Lattice’s PCI Express core provides a x1, x2 or x4 endpoint solution from the electrical SERDES interface to the transaction layer. This solution supports the LatticeECP3™, ECP5™ and ECP5-5G™device families. When used with the LatticeECP3, ECP5 and ECP5-5G family of devices, the PCI Express core is implemented using an extremely economical and high value FPGA platform.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Lattice Semiconductor distributor.


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The Native x2 Core targets the Lattice ECP5-5G device. The x2 core uses 2 channels of SERDES/PCS and a 64-bit data path for x2 link width.
The x2 Downgraded x1 Core targets the Lattice ECP5-5G device. The x2 Downgraded x1 core is a x2 core that uses 1 channel of SERDES/PCS and a 64-bit data path for x1 link width.


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