SiI9127A/SiI1127A HDMI Receiver with Deep Color Output

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The SiI9127A/SiI1127A HDMI® Receiver with Deep Color Outputs from Lattice Semiconductor Corporation is a 2-port receiver that allows DTVs that can display 10/12-bit color depth to provide the highest quality protected digital audio and video over a single cable. The SiI9127A/SiI1127A receiver can receive Deep Color video up to 12-bit, 1080p at 60 Hz. Efficient color space conversion receives RGB or YCbCr video data and sends either standard-definition or high-definition RGB or YCbCr formats.

The SiI9127A/SiI1127A receiver supports the extended gamut YCC or xvYCC color space described in the IEC 61966-2-4 Specification, which supports approximately 1.8 times the number of colors as the RGB color space. The xvYCC color space also makes full use of the range provided by the standard 8-bit resolution per pixel format.

The SiI1127A receiver is functionally equivalent to the SiI9127A receiver except that the HDCP keys are not preprogrammed, therefore SiI1127A does not support HDCP decryption. 

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