Single Chip 2.4GHz Transceiver with USB Microcontroller and Flash Memory

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The nRF24LU1+ is a unique single chip solution for compact USB dongles. The internal nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF transceiver supports a wide range of applications including PC peripherals, sports accessories and game peripherals.

With an air data rate of 2 Mbps combined with full speed USB, supporting up to 12 Mbps, the nRF24LU1+ meets the stringent performance requirements of applications such as wireless mouse, game controllers and media center remote controls with displays.

The nRF24LU1+ integrates:
• A nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF transceiver
• A full speed USB 2.0 compliant device controller
• An 8-bit microcontroller
• 16 or 32 kbytes of flash memory

All this is packaged on a compact 5x5mm package, low cost external BOM.

With an internal voltage regulator that enables the chip to be powered directly from the USB bus, it does not require an external voltage regulator, saving cost and board space. With a fully integrated RF synthesizer and PLL for the USB no external loop filters, resonators or VCO varactor diodes are required. All that is needed is a low cost ±60ppm 16MHz crystal, matching circuitry and the antenna.

The main benefits of nRF24LU1+ are:
• Very compact USB dongle
• Low cost external BOM
• No need for an external voltage regulator
• Single low cost ±60ppm 16MHz crystal
• Flash memory for firmware upgrades

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Nordic Semiconductor distributor.


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nRF24L01+ compatible RF transceiver
Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM band operation
Up to 2Mbps on air data rate
Enhanced ShockBurst hardware link layer
Air compatible with nRF24LU1, nRF24LE1, nRF24L01+, nRF24L01, nRF2401A, nRF2402, nRF24E1 and nRF24E2
Low cost external 60ppm 16MHz crystal
Full speed USB 2.0 compliant device controller
Up to 12 Mbps USB transfer rate
2 control, 10 bulk/interrupt and 2 ISO endpoints
Dedicated 512 bytes endpoint buffer RAM
Software controlled pull-up resistor for D+
PLL for full-speed USB operation
Voltage regulator, 4.0 to 5.25V supply range
Enhanced 8-bit 8051 compatible microcontroller
Drop-in compatibility with nRF24LU1
Reduced instruction cycle time
32-bit multiplication-division unit
16 or 32 kbytes of on-chip flash memory
2 kbytes of on-chip SRAM
6 general purpose digital input/output pins
Hardware SPI slave and master, UART
3 16-bit timers/counters
AES encryption/decryption co-processor
Supports firmware upgrade over USB
Supports FS2 hardware debugger
Compact 32-pin 5x5mm QFN package


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