8-channel Sync bBost Converter

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Product Information

The MP3376A is a synchronous boost converter with eight current channels designed to drive WLED arrays for LCD panels in tablets and notebook backlighting applications.

The MP3376A uses peak-current-mode and pulse-width modulation (PWM) control to maintain boost converter regulation. The MP3376A employs a standard I2C digital interface to set the operation mode, switching frequency, full-scale current for each channel, sync or non-sync mode, dimming mode and duty, and various protection thresholds.

The MP3376A features high efficiency due to low-headroom voltage for LED regulation and a small on resistance of the switching MOSFET. The synchronous rectifier saves PCB size and total BOM cost.

The MP3376A is available in a QFN-24 (4mmx4mm) package.

• Tablets/Notebooks
• Automotive Displays

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Monolithic Power Systems distributor.


8 Channels with Max 50mA/Channel
Synchronous Converter with LS-FET/HS-FET 160m/260mO On Resistance
3V to 30V Input Voltage Range
Up to 37.5V Output Voltage
520mV LED Regulation Voltage at 20mA
Max 2.5% Current Matching
350kHz / 500kHz / 650kHz / 800kHz / 950kHz / 1.2MHz / 1.8MHz / 2.4MHz Selectable Switching Frequency
A0, A1 Pins for Four I2C Addresses
0mA to 50mA Full-Scale LED Current, 8-Bit, 0.196mA/Step
Selectable Sync or Non-Sync Mode
Multi-Dimming Operation Mode Including:
o Analog Dimming through External PWM Input, 10-Bit Resolution
o Analog Dimming through I2C Interface, 10-Bit Resolution
o Mixed Dimming Mode through External PWM Input with 6.25% / 12.5% / 25% / 50% Transfer Point
o Mixed Dimming Mode through I2C interface with 6.25% / 12.5% / 25% / 50% Transfer Point
Customizable Default Register Values
Linear Smooth Dimming with 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 / 128s Step-Slope Set
Unused LED String Auto-Disable during Start-Up
LED Short/Open, OTP, OCP, Inductor or Diode Short Protection
o 2.5 / 5 / 7.5 / 10V LED Short Threshold
o 24 / 31 / 37.5V OVP Threshold
o 1.8 / 2.5A Current Limit
Available in a QFN-24 (4mmx4mm) Package


Monolithic Power Systems Certification Guide

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