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MP8001ADS-LF Monolithic Power Systems, IC IEEE 802.3

The MP8001/MP8001A are IEEE 802.3 af POE compliant   Powered   Device   (PD)   controllers. They include detection  and  classification  modes as  well  as  a  100V  output  pass  device  having  a temperature compensated current limit over the specified temperature range. Thermal protection   is   built   in   to   accommodate   both transient  and/or  overload  conditions,  shutting the  part  down  and  protecting  the  input  source as  well  as  the  output  load  depending  on  the particular fault conditions. Inrush current limiting is  included  to  slowly  charge  the  input  capacitor without   interruption   due   to   die   heating,   a problem  encountered  without  the  current  limit foldback feature.

• VoIP Telephones
• Network Cards
• Security Camera Systems
• Safety Backup Power
• Remote Internet Power

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Monolithic Power Systems distributor.


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Meets IEEE 802.3 af Specifications
100V, 1O Integrate DMOS Device
420mA Current Limit for MP8001 810mA Current Limit for MP8001A
Open Drain Power Good Output
SOIC-8 Package


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Monolithic Power Systems Datasheet

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IC IEEE 802.3
Part #: MP8001ADS-LF
IC IEEE 802.3