Rabbit 6000 Microprocessor IC Rabbit® 1 Core, 8-Bit 200MHz

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The Rabbit 6000 is a high-performance microprocessor with low electromagnetic interference (EMI), and is designed specifically for embedded control, communications, and network connectivity. Extensive integrated features and glueless architecture facilitate rapid hardware design, while a C-friendly instruction set promotes efficient development of even the most complex applications.

The Rabbit 6000 is the second Rabbit microprocessor to have a full 16-bit internal bus architecture, providing significant performance improvements when used with external 16-bit memory devices. It also has the ability to support both 8-bit and 16-bit external memory devices.

The Rabbit 6000 is also the fastest microprocessor from Rabbit, now a Digi International brand, running at up to 200 MHz, with compact code and support for up to 16 MB of memory. Operating with a 1.2 V core and 3.3 V I/O, the Rabbit 6000 boasts 16 channels of DMA, six serial ports with IrDA, 64+ digital I/O, quadrature decoder, PWM outputs, I2C port, and pulse capture and measurement capabilities. It also features a battery-backable real-time clock, glueless memory and I/O interfacing, and ultra-low power modes. Four levels of interrupt priority allow fast response to real-time events. Its compact instruction set and high clock speeds give the Rabbit 6000 exceptionally fast math, logic, and I/O performance.

The Rabbit 6000 contains 1MB of internal high-speed 16-bit RAM, which can be used for both code and data. It also contains 32 KB of battery-backable 16-bit SRAM (also high speed) for applications where data retention is critical. It is capable of booting off of a standard serial flash, so a microcontroller application with no external parallel memory is possible.

The Rabbit 6000 provides two options for network connectivity — a full 10/100Base-T Ethernet MAC and PHY built into the device, and a wireless 802.11a/b/g MAC compatible with several standard Wi-Fi transceivers. Both network interfaces can be active at the same time. The Rabbit 6000 also contains a USB 2.0-compatible full-speed USB host MAC and PHY.

The Rabbit 6000 also features two “flexible interface modules,” or FIMs. These two modules can be loaded with customized designs to support a variety of interfaces, including serial ports and CAN-bus interfaces.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Digi International distributor.


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