50V, 6 String White LED Driver AEC-Q100 Qualified

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The MPQ3386 is a step-up converter with 6-channel current sources designed for driving the white LED arrays for large size LCD panel backlighting applications.

The MPQ3386 uses current mode, fixed frequency architecture. The switching frequency can be selected at 1.25MHz or 625kHz. It generates an output voltage up to 50V from a 4.5V to 25V input supply. The MPQ3386 regulates the current in each LED string to the user programmed value set by an external current setting resistor.

The MPQ3386 applies 6 internal current sources in each LED string terminal to get current balance. And the current matching achieves 3% regulation accuracy between strings. Its low 600mV regulation voltage on LED current sources reduces power loss and improves efficiency.

The MPQ3386 features external PWM dimming or DC input PWM dimming, which allows the flexible control of the backlighting luminance under wide range of the ambient brightness, and also avoids the possibility of PWM dimming audible noise. The dimming PWM signal can be generated internally, and the dimming frequency is programmed by an external setting capacitor.

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Guaranteed Industrial/Automotive Temp Range Limits
4.5V to 25V Input Voltage Range
50V Maximum Step-up Voltage
Balanced Driver for 6 Strings of WLED
3% Current Matching Accuracy Between Strings
Selectable Switching Frequency: 1.25MHz or 625kHz
PWM or DC Input Burst PWM Dimming
Programmable Over-voltage Protection Threshold
Under Voltage Lockout
Open and Short LED Protection
Thermal Shutdown
Small QFN24 (4x4mm) Package
Available in AEC-Q100 Qualified Grade 1


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