5kV high speed digital isolators with integrated DCDC converter

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The Si88xx integrates Silicon Labs’ proven digital isolator technology with an on-chip isolated dc-dc converter that provides regulated output voltages of 3.3 or 5.0 V (or >5 V with external components) at peak output power levels of up to 5 W. These devices provide up to four digital channels. The dc-dc converter has user-adjustable frequency for minimizing emissions, a soft-start function for safety, a shut-down option and loop compensation.

The device requires only minimal passive components and a miniature transformer. The ultra-low-power digital isolation channels offer substantial data rate, propagation delay, size and reliability advantages over legacy isolation technologies. Data rates up to 100 Mbps max are supported, and all devices achieve propagation delays of only 23 ns max. Ordering options include a choice of dc-dc converter features, isolation channel configurations and a failsafe mode. All products are certified by UL, CSA, VDE, and CQC. 


-High-speed isolators with integrated dc-dc converter

-Fully-integrated secondary sensing feedback-controlled converter with dithering for low EMI

-dc-dc converter peak efficiency of 83% with external power switch

-Up to 5 W isolated power with external power switch

-Options include dc-dc shutdown, frequency control, and soft start

-Standard Voltage Conversion

-3/5 V to isolated 3/5 V

-24 V to isolated 3/5 V supported

-Precise timing on digital isolators

-0–100 Mbps

-18 ns typical prop delay

-Highly-reliable: 100 year lifetime

 -High electromagnetic immunity and ultra-low emissions

 -RoHS compliant packages

-SOIC-20 wide body

-SOIC-24 wide body

-Isolation of up to 5000 Vrms

-High transient immunity of 100 kV/μs (typical)

-AEC-Q100 qualified

-Wide temp range

 - -40 to +125 °C



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