Gen3 60GHz WirelessHD Transmitter Module

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Silicon Image MOD6320-T 60GHz WirelessHD® transmitter module is used to transmit FullHD video and High-Definition audio wirelessly to a compatible WirelessHD receiver with minimal latency and no interference from wifi frequencies. The transmitter module provides a digital audio video input interface compatible with HDMI, which allows reception of high quality video (up to 1080p).
The MOD6320-T module fits into a variety of industrial designs. Stand-alone software features and user interfaces are predefined; therefore, no software customization at the module level is required to achieve a complete WirelessHD transmitter system independent from the wired connectivity offered.
The MOD6320-T module is a completely self-contained autonomous WirelessHD subsystem that connects to a system board that provides the wired connectivity from a digital source device. 
The module is pre-certified and is fully tested for fast time-to-market.
All Gen3 Module Program customers MUST become adopters of before Silicon Image can sell production quantity modules to the perspective customer. You can find the details of how to become an adopter by visiting Any further questions pertaining to becoming a WiHD adopter and it’s terms and conditions will need to be directed to via the contact mechanism on the website.
NDA required for DOC release. HDCP license required for kit and IC purchase. Please contact us for more information - (877) 466-9722.


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WirelessHD V 1.1 compliant device
60 GHz interference free link for up to 4 Gbps Video data Rate
Small form factor module
Wide support for video resolutions
VGA through SXGA+
480i/576i to 1080p/60 Hz
3D video support 720p/1080p
Subframe latency video for real time control of interactive content, such as video games
Support for HD surround sound audio
Support for CEC or AVC commands
HDCP Content protection
Automated advanced power control, for energy saving operation
SiI6320 HRRx network processor
SiI6310 HRTR RF transceiver
Standalone operation
Automatic WirelessHD network management
Automatic advanced power management control
I2C port for advanced features
Integrated USB debug and in-system firmware update access port with driver and tool suite
Feature rich optional API for optional comprehensive GUI integration
Operates at single 3.3 V
High density single connector for Flexible PCB cable connection, or board to board connection
Integrated UI port for status LED and button
Certified or precertified for HDMI, WirelessHD, and major worldwide RF regulatory compliance.


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