NRF52810-QFAA-R QFN 48-pin 6X6 Bluetooth 5/ANT/2.4G Tray

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The nRF52810 is a high performance multiprotocol SoC supporting Bluetooth 5, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary applications. It has been designed to offer advanced features such as Bluetooth 5 and an ARM Cortex-M4 CPU at a level that makes it compelling for even the lowest cost Bluetooth low energy applications. Together with the nRF52840 and nRF52832, the nRF52810 completes the nRF52 Series SoC range, giving developers a broad selection of features, memory variants and small-footprint package options. nRF52810 Bluetooth 5 The nRF52810 has hardware support on-chip for Bluetooth 5. This includes high throughput (2Mbps) and advertising extensions. Bluetooth 5 improved coexistence features are also supported. Find out more about Bluetooth 5. 

  • Bluetooth 5 high throughput supported
  • Bluetooth 5 advertising extension supported

Processing power

The nRF52810 incorporates a powerful ARM Cortex®-M4 processor enabling the most demanding applications with complex requirements to be realized in a single chip solution. It also enables all protocol handling to be executed in the shortest timeframe, thus enabling faster return to sleep and current saving ability.

Multiprotocol radio
The 2.4GHz radio supports multiple protocols including Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth 5), ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary. The radio has high definition RSSI and highly automated functionality, including EasyDMA for direct memory access during packet send and receive. Nordic provides protocol stacks for Bluetooth low energy. ANT protocol stacks are available from ANT.

Power Efficiency
The nRF52810 SoC is an extremely power efficient device that can run from a supply between 1.7V and 3.6V. All individual peripherals and clocks offer complete flexibility of power down when not required for task operation thus minimizing power consumption to a minimum. The IC has a comprehensive system of automated and adaptive power management features. These features range across the entire IC’s operation from power supply switching to peripheral bus/EasyDMA memory management, and automated shut down of all but the absolute essential peripherals required to perform a task.

Package options
The nRF52810 is available in 6x6mm QFN-48 and 5x5mm QFN-32 packages

The nRF52810 is supported by the S132 SoftDevice, a Bluetooth 5 pre-qualified Bluetooth low energy protocol stack. Click for more information on nRF52 Series in our Infocenter.


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Bluetooth 5 ready multi-protocol radio
Bluetooth 5 datarate support 2Mbps, 1Mbps
Supports Bluetooth 5 Advertising Extensions
ARM Cortex-M4 @ 64MHz
192kB flash and 24kB RAM
Software stacks available as download
Programmable output power +4dBm to -20dBm
-96dBm sensitivity for Bluetooth low energy (1Mbps)
-93dBm sensitivity for Bluetooth 5 (2Mbps)
On-air compatible with nRF52, nRF51 and nRF24 SoCs
Supply voltage range
Programmable Peripheral Interconnect - PPI
Full range of interfaces SPI/2-wire/UARTE
High speed SPI 32MHz
Easy DMA for all digital interfaces
RAM mapped FIFO using Easy DMA
12 bit/200ksps ADC
On-chip DC-DC buck converter
Quadrature demodulator
On-chip balun with 50O single-ended output

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