Bobcat LP - Ultra Low Power BLE Module

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The ‘Bobcat’ family of Bluetooth SMART modules from ACKme Networks vastly reduces development effort and fast-tracks your latest wireless product to market.

The modules, unlike a number of alternate solutions, are also over-the-air firmware upgradable.

Focused on ultra-low power, the AMS001 ‘Bobcat LP’ module is a fully certified small form factor Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth SMART) module perfectly suited to battery powered operation for medium to high-volume applications.

The AMS001 module provides an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy stack (4.1), support for SECURE over the air (OTA) upgrade and includes an on-board PCB-style antenna all in a physical footprint of just 17.6 x 11.4 x 2.3 mm.

ACKme's TruConnect firmware is pre-installed on all Bobcat modules. TruConnect is an easy-to-use application enabling module control and configuration via a serial interface. TruConnect virtually eliminates difficult and time-consuming software development effort and vastly reduces product development cycles.

• Wireless serial cable replacement
• Health & Fitness equipment including
• heart rate monitors, blood pressure,
• thermometers, pedometers, weight scales
• Retail advertising and beaconing, proximity detection, point-of-sale
• Control, automation, security and monitoring of environmental data
• Consumer: Toys, robots, remote controls

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 (Bluetooth SMART)
Profile support including Battery Status, Blood pressure monitor, Proximity, Thermometer,Glucose and much more.
Small size enables integration into most sensor products and applications
ARM Cortex M3-based Microprocessor core
Programmable RF transmit power control and on-board PCB-style antenna
Ultra-low power consumption
Low power consumption
Secure Over-the-Air (OTA) support using AES-128 security
Easily integrated into existing or new products using TruConnect, ACKmes configurable Bluetooth Low Energy application (pre-installed on every module)
Footprint & API compatiable with the AMS002 'Bobcat LC' Bluetooth LE module


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