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The C8051F000 family are fully integrated mixed-signal System on a Chip MCUs with a true 12-bit multi-channel ADC (F000/01/02/05/06/07), or a true 10-bit multi-channel ADC (F010/11/12/15/16/17). Each has a programmable gain pre-amplifier, two 12-bit DACs, two voltage comparators (except for the F002/07/12/17, which have one), a voltage reference, and an 8051-compatible microcontroller core with 32kbytes of FLASH memory. There are also I²C/SMBus, UART, and SPI serial interfaces implemented in hardware (not “bit-banged” in user software) as well as a Programmable Counter/Timer Array (PCA) with five capture/compare modules. There are also 4 general-purpose 16-bit timers and 4 byte-wide general-purpose digital Port I/O. The C8051F000/01/02/10/11/12 have 256 bytes of RAM and execute up to 20MIPS, while the C8051F005/06/07/15/16/17 have 2304 bytes of RAM and execute up to 25MIPS.

With an on-board VDD monitor, WDT, and clock oscillator, the MCUs are truly stand-alone System-on-a-Chip solutions. Each MCU effectively configures and manages the analog and digital peripherals. The FLASH memory can be reprogrammed even in-circuit, providing non-volatile data storage, and also allowing field upgrades of the 8051 firmware. Each MCU can also individually shut down any or all of the peripherals to conserve power.

On-board JTAG debug support allows non-intrusive (uses no on-chip resources), full speed, in-circuit debug using the production MCU installed in the final application. This debug system supports inspection and modification of memory and registers, setting breakpoints, watchpoints, single stepping, and run and halt commands. All analog and digital peripherals are fully functional when using JTAG debug.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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?12-Bit (C8051F000/1/2, C8051F005/6/7)
?10-bit (C8051F010/1/2, C8051F015/6/7)
?1LSB INL; No Missing Codes
?Programmable Throughput up to 100ksps
?Up to 8 External Inputs; Programmable as SingleEnded or Differential
?Programmable Amplifier Gain: 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, 0.5
?Data Dependent Windowed Interrupt Generator
?Built-in Temperature Sensor ( 3C)
Two 12-bit DACs
Two Analog Comparators
?Programmable Hysteresis Values
?Configurable to Generate Interrupts or Reset
Voltage Reference
?2.4V; 15 ppm/C
?Available on External Pin
Precision VDD Monitor/Brown-out Detector
On-Chip Debug Circuitry Facilitates Full Speed, NonIntrusive In-System Debug (No Emulator Required!)
Provides Breakpoints, Single Stepping, Watchpoints, Stack
Inspect/Modify Memory and Registers
Superior Performance to Emulation Systems Using ICEChips, Target Pods, and Sockets
IEEE1149.1 Compliant Boundary Scan
Low Cost Development Kit
Pipelined Instruction Architecture; Executes 70% of
Instruction Set in 1 or 2 System Clocks
Up to 25MIPS Throughput with 25MHz Clock
21 Vectored Interrupt Sources
256 Bytes Internal Data RAM (F000/01/02/10/11/12)
2304 Bytes Internal Data RAM (F005/06/07/15/16/17)
32k Bytes FLASH; In-System Programmable in 512 byte
4 Byte-Wide Port I/O; All are 5V tolerant
Hardware SMBusTM (I2CTM Compatible), SPITM, and UART
Serial Ports Available Concurrently
Programmable 16-bit Counter/Timer Array with Five
Capture/Compare Modules
Four General Purpose 16-bit Counter/Timers
Dedicated Watch-Dog Timer
Bi-directional Reset
Internal Programmable Oscillator: 2-to-16MHz
External Oscillator: Crystal, RC,C, or Clock
Can Switch Between Clock Sources on-the-fly; Useful in
Power Saving Modes
Typical Operating Current: 12.5mA @ 25MHz
Multiple Power Saving Sleep and Shutdown Modes
64-Pin TQFP, 48-Pin TQFP, 32-Pin LQFP
Temperature Range: 40C to +85C

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