EFM8BB3, 64kB flash, 4.25kB RAM, 12b ADC , 8-bit microcontrollers, Busy Bee family of MCUs

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The EFM8BB3, part of the Busy Bee family of MCUs, is a performance line of 8-bit microcontrollers with a comprehensive analog and digital feature set in small packages.

These devices offer state-of-the-art performance by integrating 12-bit ADC, internal temperature sensor, and up to four 12-bit DACs into small packages, making them ideal for general purpose applications. With an efficient, pipelined 8051 core with maximum operating frequency at 50 MHz, various communication interfaces, and four channels of configurable logic, the EFM8BB3 family is optimal for many embedded applications.

EFM8BB3 applications include the following:
• Consumer electronics
• Precision instrumentation
• Power management and control
• Industrial control and automation
• Smart sensors

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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CIP-51 Core running up to 49 MHz
Three Internal Oscillators (49 MHz, 24.5 MHz and 80 kHz)
IC Slave
6-Channel Programmable Counter Array (PWM, Clock Generation, Capture/Compare)
Six 16-bit Timers
Four Configurable Logic Units
12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with integrated multiplexer, voltage reference, temperature sensor, channel sequencer, and direct to-XRAM data transfer
Two Analog Comparators
16-bit CRC Unit
AEC-Q100 qualified
Pre-loaded UART bootloader
Pipelined 8-bit 8051 MCU Core with 50 MHz operating frequency
Up to 29 multifunction I/O pins
One 12-bit/10-bit ADC
Four 12-bit DACs with synchronization and PWM capabilities
Two low-current analog comparators with built-in reference DACs
Internal temperature sensor
Internal 49 MHz and 24.5 MHz oscillators accurate to 2%
Four channels of Configurable Logic
6-channel PWM / PCA
Six 16-bit general-purpose timers

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