Optical Proximity Detector

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The Si1102 is a high-performance (0–50 cm) active proximity detector. Because it operates on an absolute reflectance threshold principle, it avoids the ambiguity of motion-based proximity systems.

The Si1102 consists of a patented, high-EMI immunity, differential photodiode and a signal-processing IC with LED driver and high-gain optical receiver. Proximity detection is based on measurements of reflected light from a strobed, optically-isolated LED. The standard package for the Si1102 is an 8-pin ODFN.

• Proximity sensing
• Photo-interrupter
• Occupancy sensing
• Touchless switch
• Object detection
• Handsets
• Intrusion/tamper detection

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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High-performance proximity detector with a sensing range of up to 50 cm
Single-pulse sensing mode for low system power
Adjustable detection threshold and strobe frequency
Proximity (PRX) status latch enables controlling devices to avoid missing a detection
High EMI immunity without shielded packaging
2 to 5.25 V power supply
Operating temperature range: 40 to +85 C
Typical 10 A current consumption and ultra-low power of 1 mA typical
Current driven (400 mA) or saturated LED driver output
Small outline: 3x3 mm (ODFN)


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