500mA, I²C-Controlled Battery Charger with Power Path Management for Single-Cell Li-Ion Battery

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The MP2661 is a highly integrated, single-cell, Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charger with system power path management for space-limited, portable applications. The MP2661 uses input power from either an AC adapter or a USB port to supply the system load and charge the battery independently. The charger features trickle charge, constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) regulation, charge termination, and charge status.

The power path management function ensures continuous power to the system by automatically selecting the input, the battery, or both to power the system. This power stage features a low dropout regulator from the input to the system and a 100mΩ switch from the battery to the system. Power path management separates the charging current from the system load, which allows for proper charge termination and keeps the battery in full-charge mode.

The MP2661 provides system short-circuit protection (SCP) by limiting the current from the input to the system and the battery to the system. This feature is especially critical to prevent the Li-Ion battery from being damaged by excessively high currents. An on-chip battery under-voltage lockout (UVLO) cuts off the path between the battery and the system if the battery voltage drops below the programmable battery UVLO threshold, which prevents the Li-Ion battery from being over-discharged. An integrated I²C control interface allows the MP2661 to program the charging parameters, such as input current limit, input voltage regulation limit, charging current, battery regulation voltage, safety timer, and battery UVLO.

The MP2661 is available in a 9-pin 1.55mmx1.55mm WCSP package.

• Wearable Devices
• Smart Handheld Devices
• Fitness Accessories
• Smart Watches

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Fully Autonomous Charger for Single-Cell Li Ion/Li-Polymer Batteries
Complete Power Path Management for Simultaneously Powering the System and Charging the Battery
0.5% Charging Voltage Accuracy
12V Maximum Voltage for the Input Source
IC Interface for Setting Charging Parameters and Status Reporting
Fully Integrated Power Switches and No External Blocking Diode Required
Built-In Robust Charging Protection Including Battery Temperature Monitoring and Programmable Timer
PCB Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)
System Reset Function
Built-In Battery Disconnection Function
Thermal Limiting Regulation On-Chip
Available in a WCSP-9 (1.55mmx1.55mm) Package