Multi-Channel Audio Hub/CODEC

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The ALC5640 is a high performance, low power, dual I²S interface audio CODEC. Dual I²S interface can connect to different devices and let the ALC5640 to be an Audio Hub. Each device can pass through the Audio Hub and then perform as input or output application. Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC) provides independent and asynchronous connections to different processors , such as an application processor, baseband processor or wireless transceiver(BT).

Stereo Class-D speaker amplifiers provide 1.5W per channel into 8Ω or 2.5W per channel into 4Ω with a 5V supply, with excellent PSRR and low EMI. A mono differential earpiece amplifier is also provided, providing output from any DAC or Analog-in. The ALC5640 features an ultra low power cap-free headphone amplifier. It consumes only less than 5mW power during playback, providing mobile system longer battery life under headphone listening mode.

The integrated DRC(Dynamic Range Controller) and 7-band parametric Equalizer provide further digital sound processing capability of audio playback paths. The DRC in ALC5640 continuously monitors the DAC output level. When the power level is low, it increases the input signal gain to make it sound louder. At the same time, if a peaking signal is detected, it autonomously reduces the applied gain to avoid hard clipping. It ensures the maximum/consistent signal amplitude without producing audio clipping and speaker damage. The 7-band parametric Equalizer contains 7 independent filters with programmable gain, center frequency and band width to tailor the frequency characteristics of embedded speaker system according to user preferences.

For microphone recording, the DRC in ALC5640 can be used as AGC(Auto Gain Controller) to maintain a constant recording volume. Besides, a dynamic wind reduction filter is built in on recording path. The filter can detect the level of wind noise and on/off dynamically to keep the recording quality.

SounzReal™ digital sound effect technology is configurable to provide better listening experience. OminiSound EXP™ expands the sound field of embedded stereo speaker. BassBack EXP™ and TruBass EXP™ bring LFE(low frequency effect) to listeners without subwoofer needed. OmniHeadphone EXP™ provides broader sound field when wearing headphone. TruTreble EXP™ adds processed harmonic tones at high frequency, bringing more melody and details for music listening.

ALC5640 only requires two voltage supplies and consume ultra low power, making it ideal for mobile devices.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Realtek distributor.


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Digital-to-Analog Converter with 100dBA SNR
Analog-to-Digital Converter with 94dBA SNR
Differential analog microphone inputs with boost pre-amplifiers and low noise microphone bias
- +20/+24/+30/+35/+40/+44/+50/+52 dB microphone boost gain
- MIC input to ADC with 50dB boost gain, SNR > 66dBA and THD+N < -65dB
- Adjustable MICBIAS (0.9*MICVDD or 0.75*MICVDD)
Stereo line inputs
- Line input to ADC with 0dB gain, SNR >= 94dBA, THD+N <= -83dB
Stereo line outputs
- DAC to line output with 0dB gain, SNR >= 100dBA, THD+N <= -86dB
Stereo/Mono BTL (Bridge-Tied-Load) Class-D amplifier
- 650mW/CH (SPKVDD=3.6V, THD+N < = 1%, 8Ohm Load)
- 500mW/CH (SPKVDD=3.6V, THD+N < = 0.1%, 8Ohm Load)
- 1.2W/CH (SPKVDD=5.0V, THD+N < = 1%, 8Ohm Load)
- 2.5W/CH (SPKVDD=5.0V, THD+N < = 10%, 4Ohm Load)
- 2.1W/CH (SPKVDD=5.0V, THD+N < = 1%, 4Ohm Load)
Stereo Cap-Free headphone amplifier with ultra low power consumption for playback
- 20mW/CH (AVDD=CPVDD=1.8V, THD+N <= -80dB, 16/32Ohm Load)
- Playback power consumption <= 5mW (AVDD=VBVDD=CPVDD=1.8V, 16Ohm, With IS Clock, Play back Silence)
- Playback power consumption <= 13mW (AVDD=VBVDD=CPVDD=1.8V, 16Ohm, With IS Clock, Playback 1mW/CH)
Mono differential receiver amplifier
- 50mW/CH (AVDD=CPVDD=1.8V, THD+N <= -70dB, 16Ohm Load, BTL mode)
Audio jack insert/combo jack detection
Inside PLL can receiver wide range clock input

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