TMC4671-EVAL Evaluation Board

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The TMC4671-EVAL allows you to explore all functions of the TMC4671-ES.

The TMC4671+TMC-UPS-10A70V-EVAL-KIT is a set of one MCU board "Landungsbrücke", two "Eselsbrücke" bridge boards and a TMC-UPS-10A70V-EVAL power stage as well as one TMC4671-EVAL driver board.

It allows for a quick and simple start within only minutes to make your motor turning, while still providing full access to all registers and full functionality and diagnostics.

For diagnosis, all signals between MCU and TMC4671 are accessible with probes on the "Eselsbrücke" bridge board. To simplify the transfer to your own processor platform the MCU board can be disconnected.

Additionally required is a power supply (max. 46V).

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Trinamic distributor.


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Servo Controller for DC, BLDC and stepper motors
Control of torque (FOC), velocity and position by cascade control
Integrated Delta Sigma ADCs
5V Supply Voltage (onboard buck converter for VCCIO 3.3V)
SPI and UART for communication with Microcontroller
Realtime Monitoring Interface
ABN Encoder Interface, Digital Hall Interface, Analog Hall Interface, Sine/Cosine Encoder and Ref.-Switch Input


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TMC4671-EVAL Evaluation Board
Part #: TMC4671-EVAL
TMC4671-EVAL Evaluation Board