AMD Embedded Radeon™ E6465 Type A MXM

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AMD Power-Efficient Embedded GPUs - Excellent Processing Performance and Low Power Consumption to Meet Exacting Thermal Requirements

AMD Embedded Radeon™ power-efficient embedded discrete GPUs provide an optimal performance-per-watt balance for embedded systems with strict thermal constraints, enabling passive cooling for many designs. Targeted for use in low-power, small form factor, and ruggedized systems, AMD power-efficient embedded GPUs are an excellent fit for applications including mobile and static-screen digital signage, digital casino gaming, retail and kiosks, factory human machine interfaces, thin client computing, medical displays, and heads-up military and aerospace displays.

Key Benefits

• Low Power Consumption – Boost energy efficiency for power-sensitive systems by leveraging low-power processors enabling Total Board Power (TBP) profiles ranging from 28W to 50W with uncompromising performance up to 1.2 TFLOPS (AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9170). Reduce thermal dissipation, improve cooling efficiency, and help lower total cost of ownership by using less power.

• Multi-Display Configurability and 4K Graphics – Power up to five independent displays simultaneously with brilliant 4K graphics1. Enable immersive, eye-catching visual experiences that capture and hold viewers’ attention.

• High-Resolution Graphics in a Small Footprint – Leverage high-quality graphics for small form factor and remotely deployed systems. Maximize space savings with compact systems that fit behind digital signage installations, in airplane cockpit panels, and on mobile hospital workstations.

• Fanless Designs and Improved Ruggedization – Employ passive cooling to conserve space and help improve system reliability. Utilize sealed, ventless enclosures that protect against moisture and airborne particulates in harsh operating environment.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized AMD distributor.


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40nm Caicos architecture
Two Compute Units; 192 GFLOPS
2GB GDDR5 Memory; 64-bit wide
28W Total Board Power; 28W Total Graphics Power for MCM
Graphics Clock 600MHz
Memory Clock 800MHz
AMD Eyefinity technology for up to four display outputs3
Dual HD decode of H.264, VC-1, MPEG-4 and MPEG-2
Microsoft DirectX 11 capable


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