Flash Memory 8kB Port I/Os 16 TSSOP-20

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The C8051F53xA family of devices are fully integrated, low power, mixed-signal system-on-a-chip MCUs.

With on-chip Power-On Reset, VDD monitor, Watchdog Timer, and clock oscillator, the C8051F53xA devices are truly stand-alone system-on-a-chip solutions. The Flash memory is byte writable and can be reprogrammed in-circuit, providing non-volatile data storage, and also allowing field upgrades of the 8051 firmware. User software has complete control of all peripherals, and may individually shut down any or all peripherals for power savings.

The on-chip Silicon Laboratories 2-Wire (C2) Development Interface allows non-intrusive (uses no on-chip resources), full speed, in-circuit debugging using the production MCU installed in the final application. This debug logic supports inspection and modification of memory and registers, setting breakpoints, single stepping, run and halt commands. All analog and digital peripherals are fully functional while debugging using C2. The two C2 interface pins can be shared with user functions, allowing in-system programming and debugging without occupying package pins.

Each device is specified for 2.0 to 5.25 V operation (supply voltage can be up to 5.25 V using on-chip regulator) over the automotive temperature range (–40 to +125 °C). The F53xA is available in the TSSOP20 package.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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High-speed pipelined 8051-compatible microcontroller core (up to 25 MIPS)
In-system, full-speed, non-intrusive debug interface (on-chip)
True 12-bit 200 ksps ADC with analog multiplexer and up to 16 analog inputs
Precision programmable 24.5 MHz internal oscillator that is within 0.5% across the temperature range and for VDD voltages greater than or equal to the on-chip voltage regulator minimum output at the low setting. The oscillator is within +1.0% for VDD voltages below this minimum output setting.
Up to 7680 bytes of on-chip Flash memory
256 bytes of on-chip RAM
Enhanced UART, and SPI serial interfaces implemented in hardware
LIN 2.1 peripheral (fully backwards compatible, master and slave modes)
Three general-purpose 16-bit timers
Programmable Counter/Timer Array (PCA) with three capture/compare modules and Watchdog Timer function
On-chip Power-On Reset, VDD Monitor, and Temperature Sensor
On-chip Voltage Comparator
Up to 16 Port I/O

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