Snap Wireless Connector Evaluation Kit: End-fire Antenna

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The MOD6210/MOD6211/MOD6212/MOD6213 transceiver modules use SiBEAM Snap™ technology to make an ultra-short-range, close alignment, high speed, full duplex wireless link operating in the 60 GHz band. The transceiver modules support USB 2.0/USB 3.0 compatible data and I2C-compatible control and status information transfers. 
Intelligent power management reduces the transceiver power consumption according to the wireless and USB link state.
The transceiver modules ease integration into a variety of products by simplifying the design. The transceiver modules have received modular certification, which reduces the burden of regulatory approval for the product.
Instant Prototype Capability – Convert any wired USB signaling into a wireless link using the Snap Evaluation Kit.
Real-time Link Debug – Using Windows utility, the evaluation kits can send link-strength data through USB to the PC interface for quick and efficient link debugging, and instant performance analysis. 
End-Fire Antenna Configuration – Wirelessly propagate the USB3, USB2, and I2C data signals from the edge side of the Snap module.

Kit Contents

  • MOD6210 host side module and system board
  • MOD6211 device side module and system board
  • 1x USB Type-A to micro-USB Type-B cable (with USB 3.0 signaling)
  • 2x USB Type-A to micro-USB Type-B cable (without USB 3.0 signaling)
  • 1x USB 3.0 compatible memory stick
  • Windows utility for debugging the wireless link (located inside memory stick)
  • Users guide for evaluation kit and windows utility tool (located inside memory stick)


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Fully integrated kits using the SiBEAM Snap modules
Offers ability to evaluate MOD6210 & MOD6211 with integrated end-fire antennas
Board powers from USB interface


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