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Medium One IoT Prototyping Sandbox

Medium One IoT Prototyping Sandbox is designed to help early stage developers prototype their IoT project or connect their existing hardware to the cloud.  Medium One offers an IoT Data Intelligence platform enabling customers to build Smart Applications for their IoT Products in a fraction of the effort. Our highly customizable and programmatic workflows, combined with our IoT-centric library of pre-packaged modules for processing real-time device data allow you to rapidly build IoT solutions.

No Monthly Plan

We've removed the hassle of long-term commitment but providing a one-time fee for our Prototyping Sandbox, good for one year with no commitment to renew.  After one year, you can continue to use Medium One or you may export your data using our API.



Develop python workflows to quickly turn this into your own custom application or prototype.  Implement your business or application using our cloud based IDE.  Using workflows, you can quickly build logic to monitor your device data without the hassle of maintaining your own complex software stack.  Using workflows you can do things such as transmit data back to your devices, send SMS alerts or build Email reports with embedded charts and more.  



Create dashboards and analytics to visualize your data and show off your application.  With our dashboards, you can see real-time data coming from your devices, build line, bar and pie charts.  You can also add maps to see device locations, or build buttons to send data back to your device for control.


Mobile App

With Medium One's iOS and Android app, you can build simple mobile app dashboards and controls to exchange data between your devices.  With the mobile app, you can communicate with your devices (via the Sandbox).  You can also receive push notifications from your Workflows.  Using the mobile app, you can round out your IoT prototype to include a mobile element.  



Prototyping Sandbox Overview

  • One time fee for 1 year access with no credit card or subscription plans
  • 20,000 messages per day
  • 20,000 workflow credits per day
  • Connect up to 50 devices
  • Build python based workflows for real-time stream processing
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Companion iOS and Android controller app
  • API: MQTT and REST
  • Ready for User Portal integration




  • Customer Management
  • User Self Registration
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Customized Domain
  • Customized Branding
  • Payment Integration



Start from any one of these Ready-to-Go Kits and you can have an end-to-end cloud application with user portal within days. [Learn More]



Medium One has a proven and trusted IoT platform.  Our platform is designed to bring all the pieces together to simplify the development and deployment of IoT Applications.  We are ideal for customers who have limited in-house software expertise and need a full end-to-end IoT Application.  Not every business is equipped to have an expensive dedicated software team to build their own cloud application from scratch.  

Comparing Medium One vs Building In-House

Building your own IoT application requires heavy investment and long-term support costs.  Much of your investment will not differentiate your product and goes into reinventing the wheel.   You will also need to maintain a staff to continuously monitor system uptime, security and software updates.


Our low cost production cloud starts at $400/month for an end-to-end IoT solution.



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Monitoring and Diagnostics
Build Python-based Real-Time Workflows
Dashboard and Visualization
Alerts and Notifications
Security and Device Management
Identity Management
Integration: SMS
Integration: Weather
Integration: Alexa
Integration: Email


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Medium One IoT Prototyping Sandbox Datasheet

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